I want to live where it's beautiful.

I want to live in the mountains. Far far away from the beaten path. So high up that silence can be felt and heard. Where majesty reigns and each day is achingly beautiful. 

I want to live in a houseboat. Floating along, the scene always changing and yet always the same. Water underneath and around my little home. Light reflecting the water's movements. 

I want to live in a mobile home. Traveling across the United States. Seeing all the famous landmarks, and discovering wonderful, hidden places. Mingling with tourists from around the world. Taking the time to spend a few days in each place. 

I want to live in an old house. With hidden nooks and crannies. Charming details that are unexpected and imperfectly wonderful. Gentle creakings, and thoughts of people from the past. All the essence of the past and all the hopes for the future in one place. 

I want to live in the city. To see if I could thrive with all that stimulation. Lots of color, art, food, music . . . so many places to go. Amazing things happening all around. People to watch, observe, spy on. Inspiration, and a small apartment where creating happens.

     Most of all? I want to live where it's beautiful. I want to live with and near the people I love. I want to live where creativity can thrive. I want to live somewhere unusual, but I want to be able to feel at home. I want to live among like-minded people who can encourage me and help me grow. I want to live among different people who can stretch me and make me grow. I want to live where silence can be found, and I want to live where there is more than silence.
     Maybe I'm saying that I could live anywhere or that I want to live in many different places. Maybe I'm saying that I want to find a forever-home. Maybe I just want beauty and love, and maybe I realize that there are so many ways to find that. Truth, love, beauty, people, creativity. That's what I love in life, and that's what I want out of life. I want to live wherever I find that, and I want to find that wherever I live. <3


  1. This post is lovely, I agree 100% with all of this! Wishing you the best x


  2. This is lovely. The picture (which I'm in love with, by the way), your writing, EVERYTHING!!!! I love it.

    I know how you feel. I want a beautiful home too. Not a perfect home. But a homey home. My piece of the world.
    So, good luck on finding you beautiful house.

  3. I love thinking about where I'll live someday when I'm "rich." Haha. I wish. But it's fun to dream! That house would be on my list. Sooooo beautiful!