Good Pens

Yeah, I know you typically read from top to bottom. My bad. ;P
     I wrote a post a while ago . . . not exactly sure when. Anyway, I happened to mention the fact that I have favorite pens. To me, it was hilarious how many people responded to that little bit about pens. (Hm . . do any of you write a lot?) Anyway. That's the inspiration for this short post. The pens shown above are my favorite pens. Here's why I like them . . .

Pen #1 has lovely, thick, and very black ink. It's almost like a gel pen. I like to use it in my sadly neglected journal, and I like to use it for outlining geometric shapes and pathetic sketches ;)
Pen #2 has a very nice shape and writes smoothly. I think I mainly like the way it looks. lol.
Pen #3 might be the best all around. It has a really sharp and nice point. It writes smoothly. The ink is pretty decent. The shape is amazing. It's thick, round and easy to hold. It doesn't have clips hanging off of it that will snag on things; and it doesn't have a cap to keep track of. It's sturdy and comfortable.

Who else hoards and steals nice pens? What are your requirements for a "good pen"?


  1. #2 is my favorite, i use them up so fast! i hardly ever write with pencils, their disgusting for writing. hehe. :)

  2. ahhh I love it when I have a good pen! haha I hate it when you're like in the middle of something you need to take notes in and your pen dies. the worst! haha pens are awesome.:)

  3. I LOVE pens, but I usually collect the colored ones that come in sets. I have about four or five sets. Haha!

  4. Finding a pen that actually works in our house is a miracle... :) But I like your #1 pen. Love a pen where the ink is thick! But I mainly just write everything (and I srsly mean everything) on my computer. :D

  5. This post is lovely! The second one is my favourite, I have that with me at all times, haha xx

  6. Pilot G2-10s (one of my closest friend was so familiar with the fact that I love these pens that she bought me one for graduation!) and Sharpie pens (fine tip.) Those are consistently my favorites...they both write smoothly, and it kills me when I have to write with a scratchy pen. :P


  7. Thanks for all the comments! (Looks like #2 is a winner)
    @Nonii: I agree. I always like to write with a PEN.
    @Kelsie: Yes, it is the worst!
    @Cait: That's true for me too. WordPerfect is my best friend :D