Give me some input?

     This summer I would like to start some regular blog features. I have several ideas of my own, but I'd like some input from you guys. Which of my posts have you enjoyed the most? What blog features are you interested in? I'm going to tell you some of my ideas, and then I need some feedback and suggestions from you guys. Please? Thanks, you're amazing ;) These are the ideas I've been turning over in my mind . . .

Dear Life
In this feature I would write letters to random objects, people and ideas. This is something I've already done twice (Dear Cat and Dear Shoes) Everyone seemed to enjoy both posts, and I enjoyed writing them. This would be a pretty flexible feature, and it would be interesting to see where it goes. Both of my posts were pretty spontaneous, so I'm not sure how this would go as a regular feature.

Book Stack
To be fair, this is already a pretty regular feature on my blog. (Click here to read the Book Stack posts) However, I think I'd like to change it a little. Mainly, I'd like to post the book stack when I return it to the library instead of when I check it out from the library. I feel like this would be a little more honest because I would only post the books that I actually read. It would also enable me to rate the books, and it would save me from the awkwardness of posting books that I didn't realize were inappropriate. (Because let's face it. That happens.)

Food Powers
It's no secret: Morrises like food. And (if I, as a Morris am allowed to say so), we're pretty good at making seriously tasty food. This feature would probably look a lot like the very popular Lemon Desserts post. It wouldn't necessarily include recipes, because I would feel pretty bad about posting other people's recipes on my blog. On the other hand, my family has some really amazing brownie recipes and Dad and I more or less invented our chicken salad recipe. If it can be called a recipe. It contains a lot of variables.

From the Journal 
This feature would mostly feature pages from my art/quote journal. (See this post for an example) It would mainly focus on quotes and creative lists.

Best of the Month
I am definitely planning on doing this feature. It will be posted at the end of each month, and will feature my favorite posts of the month (from my blog & other blogs). In addition, it will possibly feature my favorite blogs and my plans for the next month.

Pinterest Projects
Pinterest is wonderful. But the sad fact is this: very few of the projects and recipes that I pin actually turn into a project. This feature would be very similar to my Pinterest Challenge. (Just less rules.)

Book Lists
This feature would basically involve me making lists of my favorite books from various genres and groups. (Read Books that made me cry . . . for an example.)

This would be a fun way to dig through old photos and write about things that make me happy. I can't promise that this feature would be interesting, but I do have some pretty adorable photos and funny stories. 

      So. What do you think? Which features are you interested in? More importantly, which ones are you not interested in? Do you have any additional suggestions? Let me know! You guys are a super important part of this blog =)


  1. Dear Life- From the Journal- Memories.
    i like those best :-)
    the books ones, to be honest, not my fave, but you know i'm just not a book nerd, but i know there are others who enjoy them:D

  2. I love all of these ideas! The ones I like the most are the "Dear Life", "From the Journal", "Book Lists", and "Memories" Haha good luck! xx

  3. Love ALL your ideas. And I really like your "Book Stack" posts, even if you haven't read the book before you post about it. I like how you say a little bit about the book and then what you're anticipating about it. So I definately vote to keep that... :)

    I think the "Best of the Month" sounds like an exciting new feature! And, I have to admit, ALL the other ideas sound really, really, really good.

    I SO love your blog!! Keep up the awesome posting!! :D

  4. Well... I like them all! ;)
    But, if I absolutely have to pick... Dear Life, Book Stack, Food Power(pictures of food are the best ever. xD), From the Journal, and Memories. I think those would be super awesome to read about.
    :D I love your blog, as always!

  5. Memories, book lists, and pinterest projects sound awesome-est to me.:)