Funky Little Succulents

      We always like to look at the cacti and succulents when we go to Lowe's. I loove the rubbery succulents. They're so funky and alien-looking. They're also expensive. Needless to say, we were extremely excited when Lowe's marked all the plants down to 50%. It was kind of like Christmas. I'm not always a plant person, but I'm very excited about these. I love them! And I'm a complete sucker for anything that comes in miniature. Mom and the boys are going to make terrariums for their plants. I bought five different kinds for myself (see below) and I'm still thinking about the possibilities. I've been working on a major room clean-out, and I have TONS of extra tin cans and teacups, so I might plant them in those. I'd like to do something really unique with them. Hopefully my bedroom gets enough sun for them. And hopefully a miracle happens and I don't kill them. Heehee. I don't have much of a green thumb :-/


  1. Good luck with those!! I'm horrid at keeping plants alive, i've always wanted to try my hands at some cactus tho. they're so fun looking=)

  2. I've never considered myself to have a green thumb, but these cacti look really cool! Good luck with them xx

  3. Those are.....PLANTS??? OMw! Those are the koolest plants I've ever seen! lol! I want some now cos those really are awesomelooking. :D :D
    I'm going to get some. Soon. lol.