Escape . . .

          Last night we escaped. At least that's how I felt. The last few weeks have been . . . I don't know, just a little depressing and hard. Too many disappointments, and too many tough things to recover from. I am so, so grateful that Grandma doesn't need chemo or radiation, but I think the whole cancer thing (as well as several other huge issues) have really wore our family out.
     We didn't have any exciting destinations to go to. We just drove one or two hours into Tennessee in search of thrift stores and restaurants. Nothing especially exciting happened. Dad's phone sent us to the post office instead of to the Goodwill, so we were forced to rely on our own wits. Sam found a rubik's cube that he wanted in a grab bag bin, so we spent a good fifteen minutes stuffing the rest of the bag with little plastic toys. We ended up eating at a dingy little Pizza Hut that had absolutely horrible service. We waited fifty minutes for our pizza, and then we had to eat it with plastic forks. Classy, right? Oh well, by the time we got our pizza we were so hungry that it tasted amazing.
     The ride back home was a little noisy. Ben and Jason got into an argument over a stuffed chicken from the grab bag, so I auctioned it off to Jason for seventy-five cents. Everyone was a little loud and obnoxious (myself perhaps included.) We got home at eleven. But it was good. We haven't had that sort of adventure in a long, long time.
     This morning we woke up late and had cherry pie for breakfast. It was lovely =) Then we took a shopping trip and had leftovers for lunch. Right now Dad is giving the boys haircuts, and Ben and Jason are making "awards" for their cats out of construction paper. Believe me, they are seriously competitive when it comes to their cats, and they each get horribly offended if someone compliments the other person's cat. I'm not sure what the awards are for, but apparently the best cat is the one with the most awards. And me? Well, I need to get the kitchen cleaned up, but before I go, I'll tack on a picture of my thrift store loot and also one of the glorious cherry pie ;)
1) yellow paper parasol. 2) vintage clothing patterns. 3) miniature paper parasols. 4) big soup mug with flowers on the side. 5) various little animals from the grab bag. 6) metal picture frame. 7) Villette by Charlotte Bronte.
Cherry pie with crumble crust ^_^
P.S. my little koala is missing from the picture. he's adorable. we'll have a picture of him later.
P.P.S. Comment please?    


  1. I really love your first picture! It's just so cool. :) And the Cherry pie...mmm.

    Wow an adventure! Adventures don't have to be perfect or ordered, eh? Just fun. Just different. Just a break from same-old normality.
    Especially when that normality gets depressing and hard. I hope your adventure helped a little...

  2. "This morning we woke up late and had cherry pie for breakfast" < That sentence right there? Yeah; pretty awesome!
    Man, it feels like I haven't commented on one of your posts in forever- sorry about that! I've been to busy to be on blogger that much. :/ But I'm back, so yay!
    Okay, seriously. I'll stop babbling.
    Your adventure sounded awesome! I love adventures. And I love Rubik's Cubes. Even though I've never solved one. xD
    God Bless,

  3. The flower picture is beautiful!! The cherry pie looks delicious!! And the cat awards sound hilarious!!! I'm glad you got to have an adventure, but I can't imagine living with your dad and not having adventures!
    Much love,
    Grandma Morris

  4. haha, sounds like an awesome and very necessary escape! ;)
    hehe, the part about Ben and Jase being competitive about their cats cracks me up, i can so picture it!
    hm. i've been craving pie for a couple days now.. :p :D <3