I am in a celebrating mood.
On monday we took the spanish final.
This morning we handed in our 8-10 page research paper.
We also handed in our algebra take-home test . . .
and we re-took the math compass test (for statistical reasons).
We got some extra credit for doing the math compass. oh yeah! . . . 
and tonight we did our piano recital.
I played my piece pretty well . . .
and I got a new dress that I really like.
It's a flapper-esque sort of dress with ruffles and fringe-y stuff.  
Now we just have the algebra and history final.
We'll do okay, I think.
For right now I just feel relief, because the busy part is over with.
And that's why I feel like celebrating.

I'm excited for tomorrow.
I still have some studying to do . . .
but not as much, so I'll have time for blogging. 
I'll also have time to clean my room . . .
which is not so exciting.
But I'll survive it.
I'm learning that survival isn't as bad as I always seem to think it is. 
I have some things planned! 
In case you're wondering. 
Marvelous things are in store ;)
Can't wait to start writing again.
I have some pretty strong opinions that might make their appearance soon. 
It's time to do some Pinterest projects again. 
But I think that right now I'm ready to sleep. 
Sleeping sounds wonderful
And I don't really know why I'm writing my post like this.
But these are my thoughts.
And this is how they're coming out.
I figure you can probably handle it. 
Till tomorrow! 
I am,
yours truly,
A big fat smiley face.

With a long nose.


  1. haha, "yours truly a big fat smiley face"
    love that:)

  2. Congrats on being almost thru the busy stuff! :) Can't wait to see what these "marvelous things in store" are...sounds fun.

  3. Aren't such long research projects the worst? They're just so hard to get over with! Good luck with your last two tests!