Can we disagree nicely?

     You know what makes me mad? It makes me mad when people can't disagree nicely and resort to anger and insults. To be particular, it especially makes me mad when people are nasty on the internet, and it just plain makes me cringe when it's Christian people that I see doing it. I wish, wish, wish that people would follow some basic rules of decency. Is it too much to ask? If we claim to represent Christ, than we ought to stand out as something different. I am by no means the authority, but I wish that people would follow some simple rules, such as . . .
1. No name-calling. Ever. Calling people names does not validate your point and it does not make people inclined to listen to you.

2. Don't insult people's intelligence, and don't say that they're stupid. An idea is not automatically stupid because you disagree with it. Same applies to people that you don't agree with. Example? Take the evolution vs. creation debate. (I believe in six-day creation.) I remember being absolutely horrified when I opened my Biology textbook and saw the section where they addressed evolution. Why? Because instead of truly discussing the theory of evolution, they had filled that section with hideous cartoons and caricatures of "stupid" evolutionists. How was that healthy or helpful? It wasn't. Evolutionists are human beings. Perhaps some of them are stupid, but some of them are quite intelligent. Evolution was carefully thought out. It wasn't like Darwin decided one day, "Oh, I hate God, so I think I'll claim that my ancestor was a monkey." No. Just no. Needless to say, my parents bought me a different textbook. 

3. Don't claim expertise, especially if you don't possess it. I constantly see Christians make fools of themselves because they think that being a Christian makes them an expert. Guess what? It doesn't! Example: My family and I heard a man at a home Bible study give a talk on creation and science. This particular man believed that anyone who reads Genesis knows all about science. It was horribly painful for us to listen to (especially since my Dad has taught science for many years.) The man was extremely ignorant and stated many, many wrong facts. I didn't catch them all or remember them all, but I do recall that towards the end of the talk he informed us that the core of the Earth was made out of water. WHAT? Yep. I cannot imagine having to explain his talk to a non-Christian. (Because, of course, he managed to claim that all of his wrong facts were Biblical truths.) Guys, don't claim that you're a science expert, because you'll probably end up looking very, very stupid. (Yes, I just broke Rule #2)

4. Please don't tell people you disagree with that you will pray for them. If they ask, that's one thing. But if they don't? Saying that you're going to pray for them because they are obviously stupid//are going to hell//don't want to know the truth, is just plain nasty, rude, and mean. It's disgusting. Don't do it. I'm almost certain that you would not be happy if a Muslim or Hindu told you that they were going to pray for you. Don't do it to them. I'm not saying that you shouldn't pray for them. I'm saying that you shouldn't stick out your tongue and say "Nah-nah-nah boo boo, I'm going to pray for you-hoo!"

     Okay. That's the end of my rant. I am not saying that we shouldn't stand up for what we believe in. I am saying that we should be considerate and decent human beings while we go about it. There is a place for speaking harsh words . . . the apostle Paul had some very harsh words to say to people and so did Jesus. What is that place? I don't know. I just know that it really upsets me when I'm on a random internet page (Pandora, Goodreads, or even Pinterest) and I see a plethora of hate-comments coming from Christians. (directed at not only non-Christians, but also their fellow Christians) That is not right.
     Overall, I think we should pick our battles carefully. In addition, we ought to be kind, courteous and reasonable. Why is it that many people see Christians as nasty and unreasonable? I have a good guess, and it doesn't always feature us as "poor, persecuted saints."

P.S. Comment? You guys have been neglecting me. I miss my comments =(


  1. I agree one hundred and ten percent with this post, people need to stop arguing and fighting all the time! x


  2. This is SUCH a good post!! I agree with all of them. It IS so disgusting when people call themselves "Christians" and then try and force their ideas and beliefs and opinions on everyone else in a mean, "I'm-so-right" way.

    I definately agree; there's a place to stand up for what you believe in. But always with tact and kindness. I don't like arguments at all. Makes me sad. I'd rather just agree to disagree and move on really fast! :)

  3. Maybe you should become a counselor or a mediator:) I'm impressed by your maturity, most teens are happy to call anyone who disagrees with them stupid ! HA!