Best of May 2012

My favorite posts are the ones that I enjoyed writing. The ones that I feel describe me most. The ones that said exactly what I meant. It's not easy to decide which one those are. But if I had to pick five from this month, these are the ones that might be on my list . . . 

As for favorite posts from other blogs? That's a hard one too. Guys, I have like a million posts in my dashboard for the month of May. Scrolling through quickly (if that's possible) I would pick . . .

Sophia// Shang Chuan Dao (Life in the 852)
Rainy Day and Mother's Day (Definitely Screaming)
aloha (earworm)
awkward and awesome thursday (Bella Ragazza)
Old Family Treasures (an ordinary utopia)
Forgotten (Fernweh Magazine)
The Burning House (Fernweh Magazine)

What were your favorite posts from this month?


  1. These are great! thanks for making me one of your favorites, i really like your dear shoes one xx

  2. I really liked the "You are my Sunshine" post. And definately the "Dear Shoes"!! Such good writing... :)