You know you're a book nerd if . . .

1)The librarians stare at you because you're checking out more than three books. 

2)At night you dream about wandering around in huge libraries and looking for books. 

3)Your highest ambition is to own a library with a ladder. 

4)The college library alarms go off whenever you walk through the doors, because you always have books from other libraries in your bag. 

5)Everyone who visits you is astounded by the number of bookcases you own.

6)People notice you when you're at the library, because you look like this >>>

7)You instantly love anyone who loves the books that you love.

8)You want to travel to all the countries, cities, and imaginary lands where your favorite stories took place.

9)If someone starts you talking about books, it's not likely that you'll stop.

10)Buying books, reading books, and finding books improves your day more than anything else.


  1. hey I just found your blog! now following! after reading your about me,I see we have very much in common!:)looking forward to more posts:)

    ~Kelsie at Bella Ragazza


  2. Also, you know you're a book nerd when everyone (including adults) make snide remarks about how heavy your backpack looks. This is a homeschooler dilemma was well. xD

  3. Oops. I must be a book-nerd then. Especially no. 3. Isn't that everyone's greatest ambition...?!? The librarians know mime and me too well at our library. They get surprised when we haven't got any reservations.

  4. hehe, i must not be a book nerd! :'( this does make me sad..
    happy easter!!!! <3

    1. Welll, I must admit some of these were rather specifically about me. Like the library alarm thing. It's happened 3-4 times. For real :P
      Anyway, 8 is true, right? Someday we both have to go to Venice, and all because of The Thief Lord. But also because of gondolas. And bridges and cool buildings. And statues and pigeons and cafes and . . . roads made out of water. Heehee. ^_^