A Tragic Tale (Tail)

     This is Piper the dog. Piper the dog is currently heartbroken because half of her family is missing and she doesn't know where they are. Today she started howling while Pookie was on a walk with Sam so she got to come inside (because she's spoiled). She was very sad to find that her favorite boys were not inside either. She sat on her towel and whined and whined and cried. =( It was very sad and pitiful.  And kind of adorable. Eventually she took a little nap, and then she woke up with a sad crinkled face and started whining again. She has the hugest, brownest, saddest eyes. I think she fully intended to sit inside and grieve over her missing play buddies until they came home, but I kicked her out. Now she's sitting outside and whining. Hey! Cheer up Piper! Mom is coming home tomorrow, and so are your buddies Ben and Jason. Come on, smile. =) *Piper's eyes melt into pools of noble sadness and she says nothing*

Tune in next time for the happy ending.

P.S. I made a button. Let me know if you use it or if you'd like a different design
P.P.S. Right now I'm not really liking this design. I'm going to let the header be until I decide very definitely what I want. But the super huge pictures are too intimidating. I'm sizing them back down.
P.P.P.S. Later today you can expect a post about yummy desserts. Made out of lemons. Yeah. Yumm.


  1. Ohh... :( That's so sad (and yeah, you're right kind of adorable too).

    I LOVE your blog button!!! We'd definately put it on our blog sidebar. :)

  2. hahaha! Poor Piper!!
    i like your button. but like i already told you, i'm partial to photos of hands :D