1) Not all who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien
2) I need to make this. It's on my bucket list.
3) Imagination will get you everywhere :)
4) Cicada print
5) Aw, turtle hat
6) Elephant pancake ^_^
^^These are my favorite pins right now^^
Today Sam and I went to the piano contest. It wasn't much fun. I did horrible on all of the theory, but I did pretty well on the songs. Glad to have it over with.
Our mini vacation begins tomorrow. First, we're dropping Dad off at the airport in St. Louis. From there, he catches a plane to Arizona (or some remote place like that) and he's off to some sort of aviation conference. The rest of us will go up to Illinois to Grandma's house. I'm happy, because I love my grandma's farm, and I love my grandma even more. =)
There will be a huge lack of internet at Grandma's house, so this is farewell until Wednesday or Thursday. Like I said, it's a mini vacation, so you won't miss my absence much.
I'd like to think that you would miss me if it was a week. ;)
While I'm gone, I fully intend to write, take pictures, and make good food, so I'll have plenty to write about when I get back. Until then, you should scroll through my old posts and leave me nice comments. Kidding! (sort of. actually not.) Oh and Dream Sailor is going to feature a guest post by yours truly sometime in the near future. Keep an eye out for it. Also visit Dream Sailor, because she's kind of awesome. ;)

P.S. There's a link to my Pinterest at the bottom. Let me know in the comments if you have one. 

Note: Unfortunately, I had some difficulties finding links for my pins. It would appear that Pinterest has blocked Flickr and Tumblr, so I couldn't trace most of the pins to their original sources. Sorry about that. :-/
All images are via Lydia Morris on Pinterest. The source for the first image is www. cohabitaire.com.


  1. hope you have a good mini vacation!! this probably means you won't be home to get my letter, but oh well, you'll have a nice surprise when u get home ^_^

  2. I'd miss it if you didn't post for a week!! :P :)
    Have fun on your mini-vacation. And i love your pinterest by the way...

  3. hehe. I <3 the turtles. ^_^ cute pins.
    Hope you have a great vacation! :D

  4. This is awesome! No, I have not jumped on to the bandwagon of Pinterest yet, but I'll be sure to let you know if I do. Have an awesome mini-vaca, that sounds like something I need right now. And be sure to bring back plen'y of pictures. ;)

    The first and the second picture are my absolute favorite! There is so much I think about saying that I don't... Some I don't even know why, it just sits there on the edge of my tongue, and never finds it's way out. (Plus there is some creative insults I think of, right after the point of needing, that I would love to write down ;).


  5. Love the pics in this post!
    And thanks so much for guest posting & for linking me in this post! You're totally awesome too. :-D