Lemon Desserts

     Mom bought me two big bags of lemons a few weeks ago, and since then I've been searching Pinterest for the perfect lemon dessert recipes. This is what I came up with.

     Lemon Ice Box Pie: I found this recipe at www.pipandebby.com. The main ingredients are eggs, sweetened condensed milk, and lots of lemon juice and finely grated peel. I made this yesterday afternoon an hour before we left for church. I made Sam squeeze the lemons and grate the peel. He was surprisingly amiable about it. He's been very bored lately, and he walks around the house moaning and groaning about how boring things are without Ben and Jason. (Sort of like Piper, except not so pathetic.) Anyway, he helped me because I told him that I wouldn't have enough time to finish it if he didn't (which was quite true.) However, I also happened to be very tired of squeezing lemons, because I had made lemon tarts earlier in the week. We'll get to those. But first, on with the Lemon Ice Box Pie.
     Unfortunately, I realized too late that the recipe requires eight egg yolks. I only had six, so that was a little bit of a dilemma. However, I decided that it couldn't go too far wrong, so I went ahead and made it with only six eggs. It had to stay in the freezer overnight, so Sam and I had it for breakfast this morning with whipped cream on top. (Not the whole thing. We're not greedy pigs.) It's very delicious, especially with the graham cracker crust, but it is very very shockingly lemon flavored. Overall, I'd call it a successful recipe. Maybe even over-successful. It really packs some serious lemon flavor. Definitely a recipe for lemon lovers.
      So that's dessert number one. (Actually it was number two, but that's besides the point.) Let's hear a round of applause for handy dandy lemon-squeezer man. Anyone want a piece?

      Okay, while you feast your eyes on that adorable piece of Lemon Ice Box Pie, with a perfect blob of whipped cream on top, I am moving on to . . . Lemon Tarts. 

     Mini Lemon Tarts: These actually weren't very mini, because we don't own mini tart pans. However we do own muffin pans, so they're about the size of the lower part of a cupcake, if that makes any sense. I actually thought that it was an extremely nice size, because they're worth about three or four bites.
     I found the recipe at www.kingarthurflour.com. What really got me was the cream cheese crust. If you're looking for recipes, I strongly believe that you should always pick the one that has cream cheese in it. I was right too. The crust was fabulous. It made a lovely dough, and an even lovelier lemon tart crust. Honestly though, I wasn't horribly impressed with the filling. When they first came out of the oven it was a weird texture. I think it came from trying to beat sour cream into a liquid filling. Anyway, Dad said he didn't mind the texture and it did smooth out over the next few days. In the end, they tasted a lot like lemon bars. I probably won't make them again, because lemon bars are a lot easier. However, they were a lot of fun, and they would be wonderful for a tea party or something of that nature.
     So in conclusion, we haven't had any very impressive meals during Mom's absence. But we have had lemon desserts and lots of chicken.


   Sam and I have been very studious today. Finals are coming up very rapidly. We had a small amount of drama this morning when Sam and Pookie (who was being rather disobedient) managed to get tangled in my laptop cord. It was one of those moments where you see everything in slow motion, and you know that something is going to crash on the floor but you can't stop it. I yelled, and said crap, and Pookie got kicked outside very abruptly.
        Sadly, for both Sam and I both, the laptop died. I was kind of mad, but mad turned into furious when I realized that all of my hundreds of blog posts, school assignments and stories were dead too. But (hurray!) the laptop came back to life and Sam got all the files off. Now it's died again, and Sam's fiddling with it. He thinks it might be permanently dead. I'm not too mad, because all of my writing is saved and we can probably find another laptop that I can do my writing on. Even if his dog did trip over my laptop cord, Sam is a very handy brother to have around. Everyone should have a brother who can rescue laptop files and squeeze lemons. =)

P.S. I'm waiting to get some mail. I really like getting mail. Books and letters in the mail are the best. Someone send me a letter! I just got a book. =) Now I'm waiting for my other book. 


  1. Lemon deserts are my FAVORITE!!! Ugh, now I really want something lemony! :-)

  2. Ooohh! the pie looks delish:D
    hehe, that story bout Sam and the laptop is great. xD

  3. Yum, that pie looks really, really good! :) Nice photography too by the way...

  4. Oh, wow. That post is enough to give me a lemon craving!!!

    I hope your laptop will resurrect! Dying computers are so annoying. At least you have a good story to tell about it. ;)

  5. wow this pie looks delicious! great pictures :) hey if you ever want some help with your blog design, let me know. i know how frustrating it is trying to find the perfect look. so i'd be glad to try my hand at helping you out :) if you decide you want to me up on my offer, contact me anytime through the contact page on my blog :D

  6. Lemoness! Amazing- try Lemon Cheesecake next, it's literally one of the best puddings ever :) x

  7. These look incredible! Nothing beats lemon pie =) Total fave.

  8. I know... I've been sadly non-existant with my commenting. Here, I've turned my cheek, feel free to slap it. ;)

    And those lemon deserts do look rather scrumptious. I love lemony deserts, they are the best (or somewhere close at least). And actually those pictures are making my mouth water. Does your brother do dishes, because that's what I need my one to do so I can actually bake something. ;)

    And your story is pretty darned awesome. Brothers are good.