Grandma's house is made of . . .

squashed mulberries//bare feet stained purple//white soap
floral sheets//old quilts
gravel roads//cornfields//raspberries
rag rugs//worn-out linoleum
crispy bacon//laughter//corn-on-the-cob
ice cream bars//wildflowers
swings//long conversations//hammocks
kitchen-cooked potato chips//photo albums
purple coneflowers//bachelor's buttons//mismatched silverware
wood-stove fires//hanging flower baskets
long walks//bicycles//front porch swings
green carpet//big trees
flower beds//old barns//metal machine sheds
hay lofts//happy dogs//brown shutters
screen doors//old disney movies
magazines // stairways//summertime

I'm just a little homesick for grandma's house, but I miss grandma even more.
I <3 you grandma,

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  1. Awww... This is so sweet. And there is just something about grandparents house that is so poignant, and full. And emotion you feel as soon as you think about them. It's the most lovely feeling.

    You've captured it perfectly, Lydia, I can just feel their house.