Goodbye, goodbye, farewell dear friends! :(

     Warning: this is a sad post. A really, really, really sad post. You might want a couple of tissues. *Sigh* I don't want to write this. I'm probably going to cry. But I've thought about it long and hard, and I think that this is the right thing for me to do.
     Okay. Ugh. I can't say it. Okay, okay! Here's what I have to say: I'm done blogging. I know it comes as a big surprise. I really didn't see it coming either. But here's the thing. Blogger is taking too much of my time. I've had a hard time concentrating on school lately, and I'm spending waay too much time on the internet. I'm not reading as many books as I used to, and I'm not doing the things that are more important than blogging. I feel really bad deserting you guys, you've all been amazing, but I really do think that it's time for me to move on. 
     Waaaaaa! I'm pretty sad about it anyway. *sniff* And no, I'm not being melodramatic. I really am sad. I used to think that I would never stop blogging, and I never would have guessed in a million years that I would be writing this post. It's kind of like the death of a dream. Which is the worst kind of death. But the good thing? You get to have new dreams. You get to move on to bigger and better things. Which is what I feel like I'm doing.
     Ugh. I hope none of you are too sad. To tell the truth, writing this post is really sad for me. But I feel like I've made the right decision. Heeheehee. Okay I admit. This is a joke. Anyone notice that it's the first day of April? I'm sure I didn't get you if you scrolled down and glimpsed the end. But I'm hoping that I got some of you, despite the fact that my writing is kind of cliche and tacky. And despite the fact that I slapped on a completely irrelevant photograph of a teacup. Bahahaha! Happy April Fool's Day, everybody :D


  1. Okay, you got me!!! I was thinking that maybe you did the lovely "I love my mom" post so that I wouldn't be too mad at you. You're hilarious!

  2. AHHHH, YOU TOTALLY GOT ME! I'll admit, I kinda scrolled down, but I read half of this in my feed first and I was freaking. xD
    OHH, and I almost forgot- I wanted to ask if you'd like to guest-post on my blog over the next couple of weeks?
    This post was tota bril. xD

  3. Oh my gosh! You totally tricked me! I believed you were actually leaving Blogger until I read that it was April Fools. You're good. Really good :D

  4. Dude, you tricked me, too (not to go all dude californian on you)! But I'm serious, I was like, "Oh, no! I don't know what do do without Lidja's posts. I wonder if I could convince her to stay on?" I don't know why, but I felt something of the magic of blogging died, when I read this. I couldn't believe it. I felt there would be a hole in blogging I didn't really think anyone could fill.

    I'm not even being melodramatic. It was pretty horrid.

    But I'm terribly glad you're staying, and terribly glad that you're so horrible to trick us like that.


  5. Wow...I nearly got out the box of tissues as instructed! I love this blog, i'm thinking...nooo, she can't stop!! And then, ahaha. Very funny. Okay, so you definately have a great sense of humour. :)

    my mouth dropped.
    i hyperventilated. teared up (nononono kidding there)
    ok. i'm not mad at you. but you shoulda seen myface!!!!!! i think i turned really pale.
    i'm still ranting about it here.
    you meany.
    <3 <3 <3

  7. I was so shocked. Your blog is great! Don't ever close it down! You would definitely have a riot on your hands from readers all over the world.

  8. lol!! :D You had me there for a sec! xD <3 I'm glad you're not closing ur blog! I love it.

  9. This is a great way to get all of your readers to comment.

    And it's a good thing I don't believe in holding really strong grudges.

    TEASING, TEASING! Well actually it's the truth.

    Baha, excellent writing, m'dear. You could be a super novelist.


  10. Hey, I saw your comment on my blog; you can contact me @ thedreamsailor@gmail.com :)