From the Journal : Prince Edward Island

     I'm doing a journal. It's rather fun. Quite fun, in fact. I probably spent the last hour or so cutting up old maps, making lists, and drawing triangles. Funny thing, but those triangles make me feel very artistic. (And yes, those are all the reasons why I want to go to P.E.I.)
     Anyway, after my post about notebooks, I've become quite determined to keep a journal/notebook. Your comments were definitely encouraging, and I even got a few ideas. (Like page numbers? Who was it that uses page numbers? Oh it was Nonii, of course. She always has amazing ideas.) 
     I really am doing this for my own satisfaction, but I'll keep you updated on my journal because I can't help blogging about wonderful things. Not to imply that I'm all that wonderful. ;) Of course, you won't get to see the messed-up pages or the private thoughts. And sadly, you don't get to see the notebook in all its glory, because pictures certainly do not compare to real life. =(  =(  Okay, moving on from that sad thought. I'm off to do some more messing about. I shall see you all very soon.
Love, the girl who is very pleased with her journal <3

p.s. Comment! And that's a command. It's been way too quiet lately. 


  1. mmm, I love your journal. :) It makes me so happy.


  2. that is very adorable!! i'll have to show u a photo of my creative journal, i designed the cover myself :-)

  3. that is so cute!! ^_^ I love it.

  4. Yes, your reasons to go to P.E.I. are spot on! Perfect. I have those exact reasons also. I even went on Craigslist to see what kind of vacation rentals you could find there. Isn't it lovely being obsessed with L.M. Montgomery.

    Also, I'm sorry for my lack of comments, I've been dreadful, I know. But I'm sure you've heard this sobstory already. So, maybe I'll just buck-up.

    P.S. Page numbers are the best! I always use them. They make you feel like you've accomplished more than you really have. Oh, and I just finished another journal but I'm still looking for a quote for the last page, do you have any favorite ones? The random-er the better.

    1. I very much need to re-read some of her books. I'm forgetting some of the details, which is completely unacceptable.
      Haha! Actually, I was just going through some good quotes. How about . . .

      "I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying." -Oscar Wilde . . . or if you're going completely random . . .

      "Dear Daddy-Long-Legs,
      You never answered my question and it was very important.
      ARE YOU BALD?"

      Hahaha. For some reason that really strikes my funny bone.
      Hope that helped (or not) ;)

    2. Not to cause annoying continuations of comment replies (you know, when people just keep replying). (I actually have no idea if it's annoying or not, but I just wanted to apologize in case it is), but I LOVE the quotes.

      The first one is hilarious (I think I'll use it!). And the second one is so funny, too. I actually remember that in the story... Haha. I love it. It's one of those random quotes you have to throw in random spots, or silences.

      Man, I just imagined throwing that in a conversation. That would be awesome.

      Anyways, rambling.

  5. Ooh, love it!
    I love doing random artsy things like this in my journal. :D