Bucket List

     I'm making a bucket list. Because it's fun. And sometimes it doesn't hurt to do what everyone else does. In other words, this is the beginning of my bucket list. It's a mixture of things both fantastic, practical, and wishful. Things I will do. Things I wish to do. Things that aren't possible to do. It's a funny list. It includes all sorts of wishes, because wishes don't have to be practical, but they don't have to be fantastic either. I have room for more than one kind of dream.


Go to Prince Edward Island
Ride an elephant
Climb the Eiffel Tower
Make a cheese souffle
Read an entire book by Charles Dickens
Go to the opera
Own a library with a ladder
Ride in a glass-bottom boat
Spend the night in a tree-house
Ride in a ski lift
Live on an island
Make a pair of socks
Visit all of my favorite imaginary places (Neverland, Narnia, etc . . .)
Drive through a giant tree
Live in Europe
Write a book
See the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Go to a Broadway play
  Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean


  1. hehe, i love your intro to this <3
    and thats a beautimus list too.

  2. Sounds like fun! When you find a train, plane, or carved wardrobe that takes you to Narnia, let me know. I think I'd like to go, too. :)

  3. haha drive through a giant tree?! One with a hole in already? I like this list, the ideas on it are mostly fairly original! :)x

  4. haha about the charles dickens. I'd go with the christmas carol. It's the only one I've ever made it through, and it's both the shortest (so even if you hate it you can totally make it) and the most interesting. I just watched the wishbones on the other ones.

    1. Oh! I actually have read The Christmas Carol. Lol! I forgot.