News from Miss Housekeeper

Better Homes and Gardens. Film grain. PicMonkey. Yeah.
     Okay. Long-winded ramble coming on. =) First of all, I am very very happy to say that Grandma got through surgery okay yesterday and it seems like everything went fine. Hoping she gets to come home today or tomorrow. 
     Obviously, I've been messing with my blog design. It's not finished, but unless I really change my mind, this is going to be the basic look. Tell me what you think . . . good? bad? so-so? I'm not quite decided myself. It's a little . . . big, I think. Give me feedback people!
     Picnik officially died yesterday. So now it's PicMonkey for me. Someday I should get off my butt and learn how to use photo-shop. It would probably be more creatively stimulating :p
      This is day three of the dad and two teenagers living alone. So far we have not blown up the house, and I only cried once because I missed my mom and brothers (and grandma) :p More importantly, I've managed to keep up with the laundry, and I've cooked us some good meals. Oh, oh, oh! I've got to go start another load of laundry. Brb.
     Okay. I'm back. Eventually I'll have to go fold laundry. I kind of forgot about that part. Mom, if you are reading this, the dress pants are still okay. Mainly because I haven't done them yet. 
     As far as the meals go? I think we've eaten pretty good so far. I've only cooked chicken (no brave attempts at pork or beef yet) but we've had some very nice chicken-based dishes. Tortillas with chicken, black beans, salsa, cheese, etc. Chicken and noodles. Also green jello that Sam made. I think he was jealous of the jello I made Grandma on Tuesday ;) Also, on Thursday, Sam and I got a free lunch at the community college. It was Student Appreciation Day or something, and we got free hamburgers and jalapeno cheetos. Lol! Today we had fried potatoes for breakfast. I'm thinking that next I will make something with sausage. Or . . . I guess I could make some of that breaded chicken. Since it's already 3:23, and I haven't thawed anything. Ugh. This is hard. I'm beginning to fully appreciate my mother's talents. 
       These are currently my favorite pairs of shoes. The ruffly flats are from Wal-mart. We bought them at the last minute for the piano contest thingy. The leather ones are from a thrift store trip Mom and I made in Illinois. Nonii made me jealous.
      I also got some white beads. I've been looking for this type for a long time. Don't ask why. I just wanted some. Now I want to find some colored ones, preferably light blue or yellow.
     And what are these? These are gem balls. Can't you read labels? They came from my Grandpa Morris. What, you ask, are gem balls? Truth is, I'm not quite sure. They're sort of like miniature marbles, only they're round polished rocks. And they're pretty. Someday I'm sure they will be highly useful :)

     That's all for today, folks. Duty calls. Sam wants me to play a board game with him, because all his little minions are in Illinois. Okay, they're not his minions. He's a pretty good big brother. I think he misses them. I also think that I will make him help fold laundry. So far he's only mowed the yard, stuck his head in the pool and mildly considered cleaning it. And me? Let's just say I've done more than that. I'm sort of kidding.  
     Oh, let me know what you think of the design and extra-large photos. I'm still not sure about it. >>Comment below<<
 P.S. This is what I'm reading. It's a beautiful book. Quite excellent. You should read it.
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  1. love the shoes! good to hear what you've been up to^_^ those mini marbles are awesome.

  2. I love the picture of the magazine. And the picture in the magazine. Haha. Cute blog!

  3. That is my most favorite book! So glad someone else likes it! The sequel, Thunderhead, is fantastic as well, though it has a bunch of adult drama. Not gross, just kinda depressing. ;-D

    I think it sounds like you are doing a brilliant job; if it was me I'd make my dad eat almond butter and honey sandwiches. Or scrambled eggs. Chicken salad. That's about all I can make (successfully). Although there was that one batch of fried chicken. Yumm. Oh. Anyways. xD I like your new layout. basic seems to be really popular right now. Righto!

    -Jess :-) That girl who uses too many smileys.

    1. Oh, I was hoping she'd have some other good books! I'll have to check it out.
      Aw, thanks. Ooh, I was thinking about chicken salad. Of course, that's chicken again. But not the same kind of chicken. XD

  4. Ahh...the wonders of chicken. Lovely.

    Your 'new look' is really coming along! Nice... Are you going to still have 'about' tabs and all that like you used to? I always think they're handy. Love reading your blog! Have fun cooking chicken... :)

  5. They're still there actually. Lost in the sidebar somewhere. Actually, they appear to be at the bottom of the page. Lol! I'm still deciding where to put them. If you click the photo at the top, it goes to the "about me" page.

    1. Ah! I found them down there at the bottom! Great. :) I love your "about me" page...especially what you say about homeschooling. Funny and true. Why do people always think homeschooling is a cult?!? Weird.

  6. You seem to be doing well cooking. The only thing I can make sucessfully is custard, and I've even accidentally tried to cook it without heat, so that time probaby wasn't what you'd call a sucess...

    Your blog's looking great! A background colour could look nice as well, just a suggestion... :)