Currently reading . . .

   After several minutes he [Wart] said, "Is one allowed to speak as a human being, or does the thing about being seen and not heard have to apply?"
     "Everybody can speak."
      "That's good, because I wanted to mention that you have been knitting your beard into the night-cap for three rows now."
     "Well, I'll be . . ."
     "I should think the best thing would be to cut off the end of your beard. Shall I fetch some scissors?"
     "Why didn't you tell me that before?"
     "I wanted to see what would happen."
     "You run a grave risk, my boy," said the magician, "of being turned into a piece of bread, and toasted."
     With this he slowly began to unpick his beard, muttering to himself meanwhile, and taking the greatest precautions not to drop a stitch."

You see how entertaining it can be when the fabled King Arthur is a small boy named Wart, and the magician Merlyn is his tutor?


Sophistication Failures

This is what I imagine a sophisticated person to look like. Please note that they always drink tea, and they always wear lipstick and high hairdos.
     Do you ever try to be sophisticated? I'll admit that I've attempted it once or twice. I'll also admit that I completely fail at it. You want to know why? Okay. I'll tell you why. You're probably super sophisticated, so don't snort while you read this, or your ultra-sophistication will immediately vanish.

 I now present my recent un-sophisticated moments . . .

Moment 1) I wore my leather shoes to the zoo, and I almost gave myself blisters. I tried really hard not to whine, but I desperately wished for flip-flops.

Moment 2) We went out to eat at Wendy's with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Chuck. I went to get Jason some ketchup, and I couldn't figure out how to use the ketchup thingy. Hey, I never eat ketchup, okay?

Moment 3) We went to a Peter Rabbit musical at the Ritz with our homeschool group, and I got stuck in the bathroom behind a whole bunch of little girls. When I finally got a chance to wash my hands, the soap bottle squirted two feet across the room, right onto my silk blouse. The paper towels were gone, so I wiped it off with toilet paper.

Moment 4) I cracked some of Sam's super hard caramel into fragments, and I sucked on them while I was studying Spanish. I leaned over to get something off the floor and I almost drooled on my textbook.

Moment 5) I stood around very awkwardly at youth group while the other girls talked about spray-on tans.

Moment 6) I threw a hissy-fit because Jason's cat vomited on my bed. Fortunately I wasn't in it, but I was soso furious! If he (the cat, not Jason) had been in the house, I probably would have murdered him.

Moment 7) I interviewed a guy from a litter cleanup crew, because I have to do field research for my research paper. We were driving by looking for garage-sales, and I mentioned something about my research paper when we drove past the litter crew. Mom and Dad said I should get out and talk to them, and I was horrified, but I did it. I almost choked on my own words because I was so nervous, and I think I confused him a lot. Anyway, now I have my field research. And for all that, I forgot to ask the guy's name. Hopefully the composition teacher won't hold that against me.

Moment 8) I made up a joke about cheetos at lunchtime, and nobody laughed. Then Ben asked what salsa dancing was and I told him that it's what happens when someone gets salsa up their nose. He was not impressed, and Sam made a face at me.

       Okay. I believe that proves my point. I am not sophisticated. Never will be, no matter how hard I try. I couldn't be anyway, because I refuse to wear lipstick and high hairdos every day ;)

Grandma's house is made of . . .

squashed mulberries//bare feet stained purple//white soap
floral sheets//old quilts
gravel roads//cornfields//raspberries
rag rugs//worn-out linoleum
crispy bacon//laughter//corn-on-the-cob
ice cream bars//wildflowers
swings//long conversations//hammocks
kitchen-cooked potato chips//photo albums
purple coneflowers//bachelor's buttons//mismatched silverware
wood-stove fires//hanging flower baskets
long walks//bicycles//front porch swings
green carpet//big trees
flower beds//old barns//metal machine sheds
hay lofts//happy dogs//brown shutters
screen doors//old disney movies
magazines // stairways//summertime

I'm just a little homesick for grandma's house, but I miss grandma even more.
I <3 you grandma,


{at the present moment}

mom's peonies
the smell of rain
old leather flip-flops

ten page research papers
algebra take-home tests

orange sherbet
jalapenos with bacon and cream cheese

final exams were over
i had more books to read

The Once and Future King
by T. H. White

my grandma
my friends emily & jana
hills and beauty

{listening to}
Jack Johnson on Pandora
 the Jeeves and Wooster soundtrack. 
because it cracks dad up
and it cracks me up that it cracks him up :)
Minnie the Moocher Is Alive and Well in Berkeley Square (dialogue) by Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie on Grooveshark

{praising God!}
because grandma doesn't need chemo or radiation


one little tiny post

Hi guys. I miss you. I have some ideas in my head and some things I want to share with you. But it will have to wait. Mom and the boys are home now. Piper and Sam are both ecstatic ;) The last few days have been a whirlwind. Dad went on an overnight trip, and Aunt Carolyn came to stay with Sam and me. I made chili that tasted funny, and Sam made caramel that turned out rock-hard. Heehee. We watched Up and Psych, and we tried to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Carolyn took us back to St. Louis with her after our classes on Tuesday. We spent a few hours at the zoo and we got to see her apartment. We met Mom, Ben, Jason and Grandma & Grandpa (Morris) at Uncle Chuck's house. Dad's plane got in around 10:00, and we arrived home at 2:30. Needless to say, we are all exhausted.
Finals are almost here. Our first one is on Monday. I've been spending hours on extra credit worksheets for spanish, cramming algebra, reading history, and writing a huge research paper. We also have to do a piano recital next Tuesday. I feel overwhelmed, but I'm looking forward to being done. Once I'm through, I probably won't be able to quit smiling. Freedom feels good ;)
I gotta go now. I'm either going to bed or working on my research paper. Bed sounds best. I'll be back, but posting might be sparse during this next week. We'll see how things go. Can't wait for summer to be really and truly here!
<3 Lydia

p.s. Excuse the hedgehog. I have to have a picture for every post, and that's what I've got right now. Also, it's funny. Okay. Sort of funny. ;)


Lemon Desserts

     Mom bought me two big bags of lemons a few weeks ago, and since then I've been searching Pinterest for the perfect lemon dessert recipes. This is what I came up with.

     Lemon Ice Box Pie: I found this recipe at www.pipandebby.com. The main ingredients are eggs, sweetened condensed milk, and lots of lemon juice and finely grated peel. I made this yesterday afternoon an hour before we left for church. I made Sam squeeze the lemons and grate the peel. He was surprisingly amiable about it. He's been very bored lately, and he walks around the house moaning and groaning about how boring things are without Ben and Jason. (Sort of like Piper, except not so pathetic.) Anyway, he helped me because I told him that I wouldn't have enough time to finish it if he didn't (which was quite true.) However, I also happened to be very tired of squeezing lemons, because I had made lemon tarts earlier in the week. We'll get to those. But first, on with the Lemon Ice Box Pie.
     Unfortunately, I realized too late that the recipe requires eight egg yolks. I only had six, so that was a little bit of a dilemma. However, I decided that it couldn't go too far wrong, so I went ahead and made it with only six eggs. It had to stay in the freezer overnight, so Sam and I had it for breakfast this morning with whipped cream on top. (Not the whole thing. We're not greedy pigs.) It's very delicious, especially with the graham cracker crust, but it is very very shockingly lemon flavored. Overall, I'd call it a successful recipe. Maybe even over-successful. It really packs some serious lemon flavor. Definitely a recipe for lemon lovers.
      So that's dessert number one. (Actually it was number two, but that's besides the point.) Let's hear a round of applause for handy dandy lemon-squeezer man. Anyone want a piece?

      Okay, while you feast your eyes on that adorable piece of Lemon Ice Box Pie, with a perfect blob of whipped cream on top, I am moving on to . . . Lemon Tarts. 

     Mini Lemon Tarts: These actually weren't very mini, because we don't own mini tart pans. However we do own muffin pans, so they're about the size of the lower part of a cupcake, if that makes any sense. I actually thought that it was an extremely nice size, because they're worth about three or four bites.
     I found the recipe at www.kingarthurflour.com. What really got me was the cream cheese crust. If you're looking for recipes, I strongly believe that you should always pick the one that has cream cheese in it. I was right too. The crust was fabulous. It made a lovely dough, and an even lovelier lemon tart crust. Honestly though, I wasn't horribly impressed with the filling. When they first came out of the oven it was a weird texture. I think it came from trying to beat sour cream into a liquid filling. Anyway, Dad said he didn't mind the texture and it did smooth out over the next few days. In the end, they tasted a lot like lemon bars. I probably won't make them again, because lemon bars are a lot easier. However, they were a lot of fun, and they would be wonderful for a tea party or something of that nature.
     So in conclusion, we haven't had any very impressive meals during Mom's absence. But we have had lemon desserts and lots of chicken.


   Sam and I have been very studious today. Finals are coming up very rapidly. We had a small amount of drama this morning when Sam and Pookie (who was being rather disobedient) managed to get tangled in my laptop cord. It was one of those moments where you see everything in slow motion, and you know that something is going to crash on the floor but you can't stop it. I yelled, and said crap, and Pookie got kicked outside very abruptly.
        Sadly, for both Sam and I both, the laptop died. I was kind of mad, but mad turned into furious when I realized that all of my hundreds of blog posts, school assignments and stories were dead too. But (hurray!) the laptop came back to life and Sam got all the files off. Now it's died again, and Sam's fiddling with it. He thinks it might be permanently dead. I'm not too mad, because all of my writing is saved and we can probably find another laptop that I can do my writing on. Even if his dog did trip over my laptop cord, Sam is a very handy brother to have around. Everyone should have a brother who can rescue laptop files and squeeze lemons. =)

P.S. I'm waiting to get some mail. I really like getting mail. Books and letters in the mail are the best. Someone send me a letter! I just got a book. =) Now I'm waiting for my other book. 

A Tragic Tale (Tail)

     This is Piper the dog. Piper the dog is currently heartbroken because half of her family is missing and she doesn't know where they are. Today she started howling while Pookie was on a walk with Sam so she got to come inside (because she's spoiled). She was very sad to find that her favorite boys were not inside either. She sat on her towel and whined and whined and cried. =( It was very sad and pitiful.  And kind of adorable. Eventually she took a little nap, and then she woke up with a sad crinkled face and started whining again. She has the hugest, brownest, saddest eyes. I think she fully intended to sit inside and grieve over her missing play buddies until they came home, but I kicked her out. Now she's sitting outside and whining. Hey! Cheer up Piper! Mom is coming home tomorrow, and so are your buddies Ben and Jason. Come on, smile. =) *Piper's eyes melt into pools of noble sadness and she says nothing*

Tune in next time for the happy ending.

P.S. I made a button. Let me know if you use it or if you'd like a different design
P.P.S. Right now I'm not really liking this design. I'm going to let the header be until I decide very definitely what I want. But the super huge pictures are too intimidating. I'm sizing them back down.
P.P.P.S. Later today you can expect a post about yummy desserts. Made out of lemons. Yeah. Yumm.


The book stack is finished . . .

 Remember these? This is my latest stack of library books. Last night I finished the very last one, which means I read all of them. (obviously) That's actually an accomplishment. Even though I do read a lot, I have a bad habit of checking out library books that I never read. Since I managed to read them all, I feel obliged to talk about each and every one of them. Prepare for a long post consisting of Lydia-style book blurbs/short reviews. You don't have to read all of it. It's more for me than anybody.

A Zoo in My Luggage
This isn’t really a sequel to My Family and Other Animals, but it is about Gerald Durrell as an adult, so it kind of goes along with the story. Gerry has grown up to be a naturalist (of course) and A Zoo in My Luggage is about his adventures in West Africa, collecting his own private zoo. I prefer the Corfu stories, but A Zoo in My Luggage was also quite entertaining, and it gets an easy four stars.

Dear Enemy
Oh dear. I’m a little sad about how this book turned out. Dear Enemy is the sequel to Daddy-Long-Legs. At first I assumed it would be about Judy’s married life, but it was actually about her friend Sallie McBride. For the most part, I really, really liked this book. This might be a spoiler, but . . . *whispers* . . . Sallie becomes the head of the John Grier home. There. I said it. Isn’t that fabulous? Well, if you haven’t read Daddy-Long-Legs, you wouldn’t know whether it is or isn't. But trust me when I say that it’s a fabulous turn of events. But then.Ugh. Bad part. Many of the characters, including Sallie, view eugenics in a positive light. In other words, they believe in selective breeding of the human race, and they believe that the world would be better if the “feeble-minded” just died off. Ew. Not good. Yeah. Sort of reminiscent of Hitler. Not that the storyline includes attempts to kill off people of lower intelligence, and all of that, but they discussed the subject rather often. So. You’ve been warned. I really wanted to give Dear Enemy four stars, but I definitely can’t. So three stars. Maybe it should be two. Or one.

Dragons in the Water
Hm. This was a weird book. I feel like I usually end up saying that about books by Madeleine L’Engle. It’s supposed to be a mystery of sorts, and it includes a murder, an attempted murder, a missing painting, smuggling, kidnaping, and a tribe of South American Indians known as the Quiztanos. It took me a while to get through it. It wasn’t the sort of book that you can’t wait to get back to. A lot of it seemed highly improbable, particularly the friendship between the children, which honestly bugged me. It was just a little to-to and annoyingly perfect. But anyway. Overall, I’d still give the book three stars.  

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Well, well. I finished the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is a little controversial, but I’m going to say it quite frankly. I really liked the Harry Potter series. I suppose I could write up a super-long article about why I chose to read the series, and why I ended up liking it, but I’m not going to do that. For now. Anyway, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows wasn’t my favorite book of the series, but it wasn’t my least favorite either. I’m not really in love with the ending. It wasn’t a horrible ending, but when you read a series that’s thousands of pages long and it ends, it’s awfully weird to read the last page . . . Oh. Wow. The end. Okay, it ended. Hm. Well, I guess it ended . . . At least that’s what I felt like. Four stars to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Life Among the Savages
I found this in the non-fiction humanities section. How boring is that? However, Cheaper by the Dozen can also be found in a similar place, and My Family and Other Animals is on the third floor with all the science books. My point is, don’t judge a book by it’s category. Personally, I would put Life Among the Savages in the category of “old, humorous memoirs.” It wasn’t thrilling, but it was kind of funny. Sadly, the title doesn't exactly match the book. Three point five stars, I’d say.  

My Friend Flicka
I just finished this book. It was beautiful and superb. Definitely a classic. *Spoiler alert* The horse doesn’t die. I really appreciate that. Why do animal stories always end with the animal dying? That’s a pet peeve of mine. (Crap. I didn’t mean for that to be a pun.) The story was a little tense in some spots. I hated the way that the dad always yelled. I’m so glad my parents don’t make a habit of yelling at us. I liked the way they balanced the father-son relationship though. It wasn’t all rainbows, but it wasn’t all thorns either. I liked that. My favorite character was possibly Nell, although she needed to have a little more backbone. She didn’t necessarily stand up for Ken when she knew she should. But that’s part of the story. No complaints about the actual book or writing. Five stars. 

Hm. Another World War II story told from the perspective of a child. It wasn’t outstanding, but it had its points of originality. However, Milkweed (Jerry Spinelli), is still my absolute favorite from this genre. Go read Milkweed, because it’s the best. After that, read Once ;) I’d rate it at about three stars.  

Pictures of Hollis Woods
This was a good book, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. It was a little predictable. But hey, it has a Newbery, so what do I know? Truth is, I enjoyed it and I’m glad I read it. Certainly worth three stars, probably more or less, depending on who you are.

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette
I think this is the third book in the Penderwicks series. They’re kid’s books, and they're not overly exciting, but I’ve enjoyed them. This particular book has some great points and some not-so-great points. It was a stroke of genius to make Skye the OAP. However, the whole “Jeffrey finds his dad” thing was not a stroke of genius. It could have been, but I felt like it the author carried it off rather badly. It was obvious and cliche. But I did enjoy it. And the predictability probably isn’t that bad, considering the age group it’s written for. Easily worth three stars. 

Overall I was pretty pleased with this batch of books. Now I'm out of library books :(
Have a great Saturday everyone,

P.S. While we're on the book topic, you can visit me at Goodreads, and you can also browse through my virtual blog bookcase
P.P.S. I've read forty-five books this year. Is that a little insane?


News from Miss Housekeeper

Better Homes and Gardens. Film grain. PicMonkey. Yeah.
     Okay. Long-winded ramble coming on. =) First of all, I am very very happy to say that Grandma got through surgery okay yesterday and it seems like everything went fine. Hoping she gets to come home today or tomorrow. 
     Obviously, I've been messing with my blog design. It's not finished, but unless I really change my mind, this is going to be the basic look. Tell me what you think . . . good? bad? so-so? I'm not quite decided myself. It's a little . . . big, I think. Give me feedback people!
     Picnik officially died yesterday. So now it's PicMonkey for me. Someday I should get off my butt and learn how to use photo-shop. It would probably be more creatively stimulating :p
      This is day three of the dad and two teenagers living alone. So far we have not blown up the house, and I only cried once because I missed my mom and brothers (and grandma) :p More importantly, I've managed to keep up with the laundry, and I've cooked us some good meals. Oh, oh, oh! I've got to go start another load of laundry. Brb.
     Okay. I'm back. Eventually I'll have to go fold laundry. I kind of forgot about that part. Mom, if you are reading this, the dress pants are still okay. Mainly because I haven't done them yet. 
     As far as the meals go? I think we've eaten pretty good so far. I've only cooked chicken (no brave attempts at pork or beef yet) but we've had some very nice chicken-based dishes. Tortillas with chicken, black beans, salsa, cheese, etc. Chicken and noodles. Also green jello that Sam made. I think he was jealous of the jello I made Grandma on Tuesday ;) Also, on Thursday, Sam and I got a free lunch at the community college. It was Student Appreciation Day or something, and we got free hamburgers and jalapeno cheetos. Lol! Today we had fried potatoes for breakfast. I'm thinking that next I will make something with sausage. Or . . . I guess I could make some of that breaded chicken. Since it's already 3:23, and I haven't thawed anything. Ugh. This is hard. I'm beginning to fully appreciate my mother's talents. 
       These are currently my favorite pairs of shoes. The ruffly flats are from Wal-mart. We bought them at the last minute for the piano contest thingy. The leather ones are from a thrift store trip Mom and I made in Illinois. Nonii made me jealous.
      I also got some white beads. I've been looking for this type for a long time. Don't ask why. I just wanted some. Now I want to find some colored ones, preferably light blue or yellow.
     And what are these? These are gem balls. Can't you read labels? They came from my Grandpa Morris. What, you ask, are gem balls? Truth is, I'm not quite sure. They're sort of like miniature marbles, only they're round polished rocks. And they're pretty. Someday I'm sure they will be highly useful :)

     That's all for today, folks. Duty calls. Sam wants me to play a board game with him, because all his little minions are in Illinois. Okay, they're not his minions. He's a pretty good big brother. I think he misses them. I also think that I will make him help fold laundry. So far he's only mowed the yard, stuck his head in the pool and mildly considered cleaning it. And me? Let's just say I've done more than that. I'm sort of kidding.  
     Oh, let me know what you think of the design and extra-large photos. I'm still not sure about it. >>Comment below<<
 P.S. This is what I'm reading. It's a beautiful book. Quite excellent. You should read it.
 P.P.S. Vote on the surveys in the sidebar. Please? If you have any extra suggestions, leave them in the comments.


What's Happening.

     Things did not go exactly as planned. We started out very early (before 5:00) on Sunday morning, and we dropped Dad off at the St. Louis airport. From there we continued to Illinois. We had a nice day and a half or so with Grandma, and then things got interesting . . . 
       My grandma has cancer. We found out about a month ago, and I haven't really wanted to write about it yet. The good part is, it's not an aggressive type of cancer and we think they caught it pretty early. The bad part is . . . well, it's cancer, and that's just scary, no matter how early they caught it or how slow it grows.
     Grandma has had a lot of trouble getting the doctors to schedule her surgery. Originally they told her that she would have her surgery within two to four weeks, but after one month passed, they still hadn't even scheduled it. I don't know or understand all of the details, but the long and short of it is this: Mom told my Grandpa Morris (who is a retired doctor) about the trouble that Grandma (Wildermuth) was having, getting a surgery date. Grandpa told Mom that there was zero excuse for them not scheduling Grandma's surgery, and he told her exactly who to call and what to say.
     Yesterday Mom and Uncle Paul sat down in the kitchen with Grandma while she called every single doctor, surgeon, nurse, and hospital that are involved in the process. It was really slow and frustrating work, and nobody expected instant results. But guess what? Grandma's surgery is tomorrow. Somehow or another, everything clicked, and the scheduling nurse realized that she needed to make space for Grandma's surgery. We are all so glad that God worked that out for us.
      Mom intended from the beginning to be with Grandma when she has her surgery. We didn't realize that it would be now, so we were all caught by surprise. Unfortunately, Dad has work and Sam and I have classes. We can't really skip school, especially since finals are approaching, so the three of us had to return home.
     I'm not really sure how it's all going to work out. I'm going to have to be pretty tough on myself and force myself to keep the house up, and keep working on my studies. It's not going to be easy, because I'm not so good at perseverance and right now I really, really want to be in Illinois more than anything else.
     I am so glad that Grandma has her surgery date, and I'm praying that she won't have to go through radiation or chemo after the surgery. It's been really hard to know that Grandma has cancer. She is so, so special to me and I never imagined that something like this could happen. Cancer is something that happens to other people and other families, you know? I don't think any of us expects something like cancer to affect us. It's something that happens to other people. 
     I'm not going to stop blogging for these next few weeks. I kind of considered it, because I'm trying to be responsible and hardworking. I have to study, clean house, do laundry, walk the dog, mow the yard, cook dinner, water the plants, and a million other things. But you know, blogging is what I love to do. I don't really think that it would be beneficial to stop doing the things that I do for fun. My posts might be less frequent. I'm going to have to be really careful to make sure that the internet doesn't eat up my time. But anyway. I still have things to write about. I'm still reading books, and creating things, and finding beauty, and loving words. I just want you guys to know that there's more going on than that.



1) Not all who wander are lost - J.R.R. Tolkien
2) I need to make this. It's on my bucket list.
3) Imagination will get you everywhere :)
4) Cicada print
5) Aw, turtle hat
6) Elephant pancake ^_^
^^These are my favorite pins right now^^
Today Sam and I went to the piano contest. It wasn't much fun. I did horrible on all of the theory, but I did pretty well on the songs. Glad to have it over with.
Our mini vacation begins tomorrow. First, we're dropping Dad off at the airport in St. Louis. From there, he catches a plane to Arizona (or some remote place like that) and he's off to some sort of aviation conference. The rest of us will go up to Illinois to Grandma's house. I'm happy, because I love my grandma's farm, and I love my grandma even more. =)
There will be a huge lack of internet at Grandma's house, so this is farewell until Wednesday or Thursday. Like I said, it's a mini vacation, so you won't miss my absence much.
I'd like to think that you would miss me if it was a week. ;)
While I'm gone, I fully intend to write, take pictures, and make good food, so I'll have plenty to write about when I get back. Until then, you should scroll through my old posts and leave me nice comments. Kidding! (sort of. actually not.) Oh and Dream Sailor is going to feature a guest post by yours truly sometime in the near future. Keep an eye out for it. Also visit Dream Sailor, because she's kind of awesome. ;)

P.S. There's a link to my Pinterest at the bottom. Let me know in the comments if you have one. 

Note: Unfortunately, I had some difficulties finding links for my pins. It would appear that Pinterest has blocked Flickr and Tumblr, so I couldn't trace most of the pins to their original sources. Sorry about that. :-/
All images are via Lydia Morris on Pinterest. The source for the first image is www. cohabitaire.com.


{at the present moment}

my journal and my favorite pen
beautiful blogs

to this song
Beethoven's 5 Secrets by The Piano Guys on Grooveshark

for a mini vacation

school was over 
it was warm enough to swim
because I got some L.M. Montgomery
short stories in the mail <3

what's up with you?


Freaking out.

     This is what I feel like right now. Freaking out and throwing stuff. I don't know exactly why, but the last couple of weeks have gone very badly for me.  A million little things have been grating on my nerves, and a couple of big things have been weighing pretty heavy too. I threw a huge temper tantrum last weekend, and I feel like I've behaved immaturely ever since. =(  pouty face. I hate feeling like I'm an immature jerk. It makes me quite miserable.
     Today has not been particularly good either. I got a horrific grade on my algebra test, and I'm kind of freaking out over a piano contest I have to go to on Saturday. However! After Saturday I won't have to ever think about it again. Also, Dad is going on a business trip, and the rest of us are going to take some time off. We're hoping to go to St. Louis, which would be pretty awesome. I could use a break. I feel like I've been stuck in a rut for a long time.
     *Sigh* Things are a little stressful right now. But I'll get over it, I suppose. I really do think that things are going to get better. Someday. =) As for now . . . tonight I'm going to concentrate on piano stuff, and I'm possibly going to make some lemon tarts. Maybe I'll clean my room. Ha. I'll probably read The Wind in the Willows instead. I've lately felt that I need to re-acquaint myself with Toad. Odd statement, but true. Toad is really amusing. You guys should read about Toad.
<3 Lydia


From the Journal : Prince Edward Island

     I'm doing a journal. It's rather fun. Quite fun, in fact. I probably spent the last hour or so cutting up old maps, making lists, and drawing triangles. Funny thing, but those triangles make me feel very artistic. (And yes, those are all the reasons why I want to go to P.E.I.)
     Anyway, after my post about notebooks, I've become quite determined to keep a journal/notebook. Your comments were definitely encouraging, and I even got a few ideas. (Like page numbers? Who was it that uses page numbers? Oh it was Nonii, of course. She always has amazing ideas.) 
     I really am doing this for my own satisfaction, but I'll keep you updated on my journal because I can't help blogging about wonderful things. Not to imply that I'm all that wonderful. ;) Of course, you won't get to see the messed-up pages or the private thoughts. And sadly, you don't get to see the notebook in all its glory, because pictures certainly do not compare to real life. =(  =(  Okay, moving on from that sad thought. I'm off to do some more messing about. I shall see you all very soon.
Love, the girl who is very pleased with her journal <3

p.s. Comment! And that's a command. It's been way too quiet lately. 


Bucket List

     I'm making a bucket list. Because it's fun. And sometimes it doesn't hurt to do what everyone else does. In other words, this is the beginning of my bucket list. It's a mixture of things both fantastic, practical, and wishful. Things I will do. Things I wish to do. Things that aren't possible to do. It's a funny list. It includes all sorts of wishes, because wishes don't have to be practical, but they don't have to be fantastic either. I have room for more than one kind of dream.


Go to Prince Edward Island
Ride an elephant
Climb the Eiffel Tower
Make a cheese souffle
Read an entire book by Charles Dickens
Go to the opera
Own a library with a ladder
Ride in a glass-bottom boat
Spend the night in a tree-house
Ride in a ski lift
Live on an island
Make a pair of socks
Visit all of my favorite imaginary places (Neverland, Narnia, etc . . .)
Drive through a giant tree
Live in Europe
Write a book
See the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Go to a Broadway play
  Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean


You know you're a book nerd if . . .

1)The librarians stare at you because you're checking out more than three books. 

2)At night you dream about wandering around in huge libraries and looking for books. 

3)Your highest ambition is to own a library with a ladder. 

4)The college library alarms go off whenever you walk through the doors, because you always have books from other libraries in your bag. 

5)Everyone who visits you is astounded by the number of bookcases you own.

6)People notice you when you're at the library, because you look like this >>>

7)You instantly love anyone who loves the books that you love.

8)You want to travel to all the countries, cities, and imaginary lands where your favorite stories took place.

9)If someone starts you talking about books, it's not likely that you'll stop.

10)Buying books, reading books, and finding books improves your day more than anything else.


How to make a bookcase out of a crate (=

Supplies needed:
One old crate
Some matching boards
A couple of nails
One obliging brother

Step 1) Find an old crate. Mine came from my Dad's garage.
Step 2) Convince your brother to put a shelf in said crate.
Step 3) Sit on a stool in the garage and watch said brother build a shelf in crate.
Step 4) Say "Thanks, you're amazing."
Step 5) Carry bookcase/crate to bedroom and fill with books.

Oh Brother(s)

     Today I bribed Ben and Jason into doing a photo-shoot. These are the results =) They're just a tad bit blurry and grainy due to a very jiggly bed.


Books make any day fantastic . . .

     First of all, I would like to say that . . . I GOT YOU! Really good, too. :-) I even fooled my mom. Anyway, for those of you who almost had a heart attack, I apologize for being so ornery. ;)
     Oh, and I have to tell you something really embarrassing. After I wrote my April fool's post, I saw a similar one on a popular blog. And I fell for it. I totally fell for it. Tell me, how can I play a trick on my blog followers and then fall for the same trick three minutes later? Ha. It's a talent, for sure.

     Mom and I spent most of yesterday in Memphis, trying to build up my pathetic summer wardrobe. We also had to go shopping for a swimsuit. Ugh! I hate hate hate shopping for swimsuits. :p All in all, however, we had a fun time. We got to spend some time together, have some conversations, eat sub sandwiches, go to the library, find nice clothes, and buy books. Buying books makes any day fantastic. =)
     And now for my usual book stack post. Isn't it a lovely stack? I've got . . . 
A Zoo in My Luggage - Gerald Durrell
Once - Morris Gleitzman
Dear Enemy - Jean Webster
Life Among the Savages - Shirley Jackson
My Friend Flicka - Mary O'Hara
Pictures of Hollis Woods - Patricia Reilly Giff
The Penderwicks at Point Mouette - Jeanne Birdsall
Dragons in the Water - Madeleine L'Engle
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows - J.K. Rowling

     Gerald Durrell is my favorite lately. He wrote My Family and Other Animals, which is one of the most wonderfully hilarious books I have ever encountered. I love it. =)
     And ooh! I was very excited to find Dear Enemy, the sequel to Daddy-Long-Legs. It looks quite promising. Life Among the Savages also looks very good. Haha! Last night I actually sat on my floor and read the first page of all nine books. Dear Enemy and Life Among the Savages both had excellent opening lines.
     Signing off now! I think I shall go read. =)

P.S. Some exciting things are coming up! But I won't say what they are, because that would be telling. Farewell! (But don't fear, it's not forever. Quite temporarily, in fact.)


Goodbye, goodbye, farewell dear friends! :(

     Warning: this is a sad post. A really, really, really sad post. You might want a couple of tissues. *Sigh* I don't want to write this. I'm probably going to cry. But I've thought about it long and hard, and I think that this is the right thing for me to do.
     Okay. Ugh. I can't say it. Okay, okay! Here's what I have to say: I'm done blogging. I know it comes as a big surprise. I really didn't see it coming either. But here's the thing. Blogger is taking too much of my time. I've had a hard time concentrating on school lately, and I'm spending waay too much time on the internet. I'm not reading as many books as I used to, and I'm not doing the things that are more important than blogging. I feel really bad deserting you guys, you've all been amazing, but I really do think that it's time for me to move on. 
     Waaaaaa! I'm pretty sad about it anyway. *sniff* And no, I'm not being melodramatic. I really am sad. I used to think that I would never stop blogging, and I never would have guessed in a million years that I would be writing this post. It's kind of like the death of a dream. Which is the worst kind of death. But the good thing? You get to have new dreams. You get to move on to bigger and better things. Which is what I feel like I'm doing.
     Ugh. I hope none of you are too sad. To tell the truth, writing this post is really sad for me. But I feel like I've made the right decision. Heeheehee. Okay I admit. This is a joke. Anyone notice that it's the first day of April? I'm sure I didn't get you if you scrolled down and glimpsed the end. But I'm hoping that I got some of you, despite the fact that my writing is kind of cliche and tacky. And despite the fact that I slapped on a completely irrelevant photograph of a teacup. Bahahaha! Happy April Fool's Day, everybody :D