Wanna Know Something? 30 things about me . . .

1.   I listen to Frank Sinatra when I clean my room.
2.   I eat a lot of corn chips and salsa.
3.   I am not afraid of spiders or insects.  
4.   I have three little brothers. 
5.   I know how to make bread and potato soup.
6.   I like old music.
7.   I think that history is fascinating.
8.   I'm learning to speak out.
9.   Long skirts scare me. 
10.  I'm completely sensible, but sometimes I leave my brain in the clouds on accident.
11.  I can't hack Charles Dickens, and I desperately wish that I could.
12.  Sometimes I listen to The Beatles, but I don't like Elvis. 
13.  I like elephants and penguins.
14.  I'm no good at sports.
15.  I have a friend who lives next-door.
16.  I love buying books.
17.  I have a globe hanging from my ceiling.
18.  Shrimp is possibly my favorite-est food.
19.  I'm a veteran thrift-store shopper.
20.  I have four aunts, eight uncles, and two cousins.
21.  I love hills. I used to live in the hills and I miss them.
22.  I don't really like dried fruit. I love dried apricots, and I hate raisins.
23.  I have a tendency to make up words.
24.  I do not believe in wearing shoes when it's summertime. Barefoot or flip-flops. 
25.  I love BBC and Masterpiece Theater.
26.  Repetitive noises drive me nuts.
27.  Sometimes I crave chocolate milkshakes.
28.  I want to go to Venice, Paris, and Prince Edward Island.
29.  I'm oblivious about some things, but I'm an extremely observant people-watcher.
30.  My worst faults are laziness and procrastination

p.s. Yeah. I stole this from Nonii. ;) But in my defense, it was already in my head. And anyway, that's what friends are for. I steal from her often. I hope she steals from me so we're even.


  1. :) I liked your list. Especially 7, 9, 11 and 24. Me too.

    1. Same here. Except I extremely identify with number 14 as well.

  2. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *screamschokes* I want to go to Venice, Paris, and Prince Edward Island, too! Small world.

  3. I agree with quiet a lot of that except I love long skirts, I HATE bug and the Beatles, and I Wear converse yearround. :-)

  4. this makes me miss you...:\
    :D =) ^_^

  5. :D this is awesome. We have a lot in common I think. except maybe #3...I am scared to death of pretty much ANY kind of bug. Spiders especially. *shivver* I can't help it. oh, And I don't have a friend next-door. lol. :) <3

    cute post!

    1. and shoes. I rarely go barfoot. lol. :P Converse or heels are pretty much what I wear. :D

  6. thank you for your comment :D well it takes a lot of time and effort to pick a name. it's gotta sound good, be easy to spell/say, have the right meaning....yadda yadda... but it's pretty fun to do :)