Three Things

     So. I was more or less tagged by Dream Sailor in another quiz-a-ma-bob-thingy. Truth is, I've already done this for my friend Nonii (via an e-mail forward-thingy.) But I'll do it again, possibly with different answers. Actually, probably with different answers.
     I'm not sure why I consent to these quiz things, but I guess I actually like them. Which is amazing, because I hate and despise all Facebook "copy and paste" deals, and I told Nonii that forwarding was against my religion. (A convenient proclamation btw, but not strictly truthful and straightforward.)
     Anyway. Enough blabbering. On with my "Three Things" . . . starting . . . NOW!

Three names I go by:
Lydia (real name)
Lidja (blog name)
Lou (nickname)
p.s. there's a million more variations on those three. Like Lyd, Lidja Lou, Loodle, etc.

Three places I've lived:
The Bahamas (sadly this was for a very short time, and I don't remember it. :p)
p.s. I've almost lived a million places. Not quite. But I've lived in Texas, Arkansas, Pennsylvania . . . you get the idea.

Three places I've worked:    (erm-hum. awkward question)

Hahahahahaha. I'm a hardworking kid. I work everywhere. (not true) (sorta true) (should be true) anywaaay. okay. I'm gonna stop now. I'm just digging myself in deeper. :p 

Three things I love to watch:
People. I'm a pathological people-watcher.
Rhett and Link. They're hilarious. Find them on YouTube.
Piper and Pookie. They're German Shepherds, they belong to me and Sam, and they crack me up.

Three places I have been:
Niagra Falls
The Grand Canyon
The Eiffel Tower.

Okay, I lied. I've never been to France. Did I get you though? Never mind. Starting over.

Three places I have been: 
The Pacific Ocean
The Petrified Forest
Canada (briefly)
p.s. I really have been to the Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon. If you were wondering.

Three people who comment on my blog regularly:
The Sailor 
Jessie (aquillpen) 

Three things I love to eat:  (um, see third post down?)
Chocolate ice cream
Corn chips and guacamole

Three things I am looking forward to: 
Going to St. Louis (sometime soon, that would be amazing)
Maybe going to Bible camp?
Spending time on Grandma's farm (hopefully this summer)

Three people I think will respond:
Cait and/or Mime (Notebook Sisters)
Mel the writer (Crazy Rants)
*Kate* (Life is an adventure)

P.S. Oops! forgot the rules. Typical me. Here they are . . .

EDIT: If you were tagged, copy and paste the whole thing (rules included) then delete my answers and type in your answers. then post it on your blog. (That means Cait, Mime, Mel, and Kate) Have fun!


  1. That's so nice of you to link to us!

    Isn't it funny how many nicknames a person can have depending on who's calling them. I have over 6. And I answer to the randomest things. Like Shoe. I think I answered to Shoe once. Or something as strange as that.

  2. The eiffel tower? Ah...you got me. Really thought you would have been there. :) I've been to the Amazon jungle.

    Corn chips and guacamole. Delicous. Love your posts.

    PS nah, haven't really been to the Amazon either. Sigh. Did I get you though? Huh? Huh? :D

    1. Yes. You did. For real. :D

  3. That's great! I want to go to the grand canyon so bad!!!! I have been to niagra falls, and Canada but I have never seen ether ocean. :-(

  4. DUDE, you totally got me when you said The Eiffel Tower. But seriously? The Petrified Forest sounds way cooler. I mean honestly. I may just google that today.
    Loved your answers!

  5. I'm looking forwards to you coming to st louis :)