Refrigerator Pickles

     Lately I've been in a culinary sort of mood. A couple of days ago I made some grapefruit curd, and I've been trying to make some homemade bread to go with it ever since. Maybe it will actually work today, since I've finally got the ingredients and a huge block of free time. :) Anyhow, to continue, I made refrigerator pickles today. They're like normal pickles, except better. Ever had Claussen pickles? They're like that. Yumm. So good. They're my favorite. But they're expensive. So? We make our own!
     I started with a packet of "Mrs. Wage's" pickle mix (from Wal-mart) and these adorable baby pickles that Mom got on sale at Kroger's.
     The first step is obvious . . . cut up the cucumbers. I didn't even think about doing spears, but those would be pretty good too. Warning: don't cut your finger. I don't want to get sued for that. ;)
     These are all my cucumbers cut into slices. Aren't they pretty? I don't know why these cucumber photos are beautiful, but they are.
     I wasn't exactly sure how much of the packet to use, because it was a recipe for 9-11 pounds of cucumbers, which I certainly did not have. So I kind of fiddled around weighing plates and cucumbers, but the recipe just plain doesn't divide well. In the end, I decided to just make a third of the recipe and hope for the best. And I didn't hold strictly to the ratios, because . . . yeah, I just didn't. I'm hoping the flavor turned out okay.
     This is Mrs. Wage's pickle mix. It smells amazing. Ahhh . . . I kind of love dill pickles.
     Next I mixed the vinegar, water, and Mrs. Wage's. I put it over medium heat, stirred it until it dissolved, and brought it to "barely boiling." I had my cucumber slices in an old Gherkins pickle jar that I saved. (Because I have junk collecting tendencies. Hey, obviously these things come in handy!)
     Finally, I poured the mixture over the cucumber slices, and put the whole thing in the fridge to chill. Hope those slices are soaking up some pickle-goodness. :) Can't wait till they're ready to eat. They should be ready by tomorrow, for sure.

P.S. The third-of-a-recipe was the exact. perfect. amount. It came right up to the top of the jar, and no farther. What do you know? I'm good. That's all. ;) 
P.P.S. Next I'm making bread. I'll keep you updated.
P.P.P.S. Remember how my grapefruit curd was kind of runny? I cooked it some more, and now it's the perfect consistency. I also added some sour salt, which greatly improved the flavor. It kinda tastes like lemon bar filling. :)


  1. Those look soooo good! I love pickles. :D I should try this sometime!
    ooh! I bet that grapefuit curd is delicious...I have never made that either. :D yum. I am hungry now. ^_^

  2. wow!! this looks really interesting!! I'll have to try it.


  3. Mmm...now I want to make my own pickles...I absolutely LOVE dill pickles. On salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, or just on their own as a crunchy snack. :)

  4. Oh! Pickles...so delicous! love pickles. Love that zing when you crunch them. So you're quite a cook, eh?! Yum!

  5. PICKLES!!!! YUM. Serious. Those photos are amazing. So pretty. And green.
    Now I'm hungry. Baha.
    Awesome post!