Party time - Morris style

     Today we celebrated Ben's birthday. Dad decorated his cake. Don't ask about the candles, because I don't know.
     We all made our own personal pizza. These are our ingredients . . .
     And this is the pizza-making team :)
     We also had IBC root beer and fried cheese. =)
      He got a TON of presents, and a lot of candy, including four pounds of gummy bears. Yes, that is a lot of gummy bears.
     Then we played an indoor version of PIG. We used Ben's new balls, and we took the top off of Mom's pouf thingy, and used it for a basket. It was pretty hilarious, and it involved lots of weird moves. I don't know where we come up with these things. :p We also danced. And we ate cake and cookie dough ice cream. It was a pretty good party <3


  1. looks like fun!!! those pizza's look good..Morris pizzas ARE good..at least your moms are ;)

  2. LOOKS LIKE FUN!! :D Hey, weird random question: did you take the 3rd picture while standing on a chair? If so- I absolutely love doing that. If not- yeah. It was weird question.. xD
    And the way the candles are in that cake is pretty darn amazing.

    1. Yes. I was standing on a chair. XD

    2. Ahhh, knew it! Awesome! xD

  3. Aw, looks like you guys had a fun time! :)