My notebooks are always Doomed. I’ve read about girls who write in their journals every day. I’ve heard about people who fill three notebooks in two days. But somehow it’s never worked that way for me.
    I want my notebook to be a place where I can store random phrases and ideas as they pop into my head or come to my attention. I want to get in the habit of jotting down things that inspire me and things that I want to remember. Sounds like the easiest thing in the world, no? But this is where the catch comes in. I don’t get along with notebooks. 
    I’ve tried many times to keep a notebook. It’s smooth sailing until I start ripping pages out. I guess you could call me a word control freak. I can’t stand it when a sentence goes wrong. When I write, there is no rough draft. It’s write a sentence, polish a sentence. Write the next sentence, polish it. Write a phrase, and then backspace over the whole thing and start over again. I don’t move on until it’s perfect. If I ever write more than four sentences without using the backspace key, I will be astounded.
    I say all this to point out that, technically, I’m not someone who writes. I’m someone who types. If I was required to write this blog post on paper, by now I probably would have crumpled a whole notebook, and I’d still be on sentence number two. I kid you not.
    I am too much of a writing perfectionist to keep a notebook. I can’t allow things to be messy, or ugly, or spelled wrong. If my handwriting goes south, I rip it out. If I write a word wrong, I rip it out. If my sentences don’t flow nicely? You guessed it. Rip it out.
     *Sigh* Anyway, I am slowly forcing myself to jot things down in a notebook. It's not exactly splendid-going, but I have more than three pages, and I haven't ripped anything out. Major progress, huh.
     Funny thing is, I really do think it's helping me with inspiration. I already have two or three blog posts to prove it. My post on the ten Boom family actually came from something I jotted in my notebook . . . Mom and Grandma were having a conversation about it, and I thought it was interesting, so I jotted it down. I never would have remembered it otherwise, but this way I actually got back to it. And I wrote two whole pages on The Help (book vs. movie) while I was sitting in algebra. (Lest you think I'm a poor student, that was before the teacher got there.) Heehee ;)
      What about you? Do you keep a notebook or journal? Do you do rough drafts? Do comment! =)

p.s. I've thought about using loose pieces of paper and keeping them in a folder or binder. Could possibly work?


  1. If i'm lucky, I get about 3 letters before I hit the backspace key!

    I love journals. I collect them. Really beautiful ones. But...yep, guilty, can't seem to write in them (in case they get messed up). Love the laptop...and the wonderful backspace key. Me and the backspace key? We're inseparable.

    1. Heehee, that's the funny thing, I do love journals. I might even admit to collecting them. I have some really lovely leather ones. =)

  2. i've filled up 5 journals in 5 years, and filled 3 other ones half way.
    you could say i'm a journal addict.
    course its slowed down a bit since i'm blogging regularly now:) but its ok.
    i used to use only leather journals, then i decided normal spiral bound note books were best for me, but the spiral MUST be plastic, the metal spirals get messed up to fast. i can't collect journals, because then i feel obligated to fill them up! in fact i have a few journals filled with embarrassing stories:)
    and i used to use small-ish journals, now i get the extra big and thick notebooks. they are wonderful. i also number my pages..and *every* great once in awhile i tear out a page, but i really can't stand doing it. and i'm VERY picky about the design on my notebook. it must be geometric. never flowers..hehehe

    i've always wanted to start and KEEP a creative journal, and in fact i have started a few "quotes and verses" note books. but i can never stick with them.
    i always love seeing people make creative journals, and its like one stinking gorgeous amazing perfect collage of everything they love..i don't have one of those *yet*, but i do have a huge pin board thats a huge collage..you've seen it:)
    i'm actually collecting magazines to cut stuff out from and i plan on starting some sort of collage somewhere.. =) its a good habit i need to start.

    1. Ooh. A collage? Sounds awesome . . . what would you do it on. A wall, a canvas, some sort of board . . . ?

      Oh, and P.S. I just read someone's bucket list, and they said that they wanted to start a "Things I Should've Said" journal. Isn't that the best idea EVER?! I think I'll steal it. =)

    2. i think i'll find some sort of old encyclopedia, take all the pages out, then take blank paper, some rings and make my own book out of it. at least thats what i'm hopign for, an i'll just paste in a collage on each page:D i can't wait to start it, right now i'm collecting stuff tho:)

      haha! that IS awesome!!! my mom totally needs one of those!!! ;)

  3. Yeah, for a while I had that problem (the truth is I still do. I have a colony of half-finished notepads). Then I read Emily of New Moon. It completely changed my view on writing. You know the end of the first book, where she shows her writing to her teacher, and he tears it to shreds, then at the end tells her those ten sentences make all the difference. That just inspired me, plus the way Emily wrote her journal. Since then I've written three journals, one a year.

    It was hard, but in the end, when you hold all those pages, all your creation, it doesn't matter that half the sentences in it is rubbish. ;)

    So, keep on, I'm sure those three pages are better than my notebooks.

    P. S. Your writing inspires me.

    1. Yeah, the main thing for me is getting past the really horrible sentences. I'm not good at excusing my own horrible sentences. ;)

  4. I love notebooks! I have about seven of them in total. The earliest one is from when I was eight years old. I have many random scribbles and ramblings (poems and songs even), all recorded in the notebooks.

    I think I've become more of a typer as I've gotten older, but there's just something about rereading a notebook again after a year or two just to look back at how life was then. I agree with what Rebekah said (above comment). Keeping a notebook might be hard but, in the end, you'll know it's worth it. :)

    Good luck with your journalling and have an awesome day! :D

    1. I do have a few half-finished journals from when I was little. One of them is a Tweety Bird journal . . . I wrote in it with pink ink. (I'm pretty sure the pen had a hot pink feather on top.) The other one is a Little House on the Prairie journal. Lol! =)

  5. haha I think that I have filled one journal and half filled a few others over the course of my life. I also confess to, more than once, burning my journals because I didn't want to risk anyone reading the things I had written. Because, you know, I could've gotten in a car accident and died or something, and then, people would have probably gone through my stuff.