We got letters from Grandma today. Yeah. She's the best. =)
     Grandma always takes lots of pictures, and after she visits us she sends us cards and photographs. She sent me some postage stamps too. =)

     Marigolds from Germany, and peanuts & avocados from Kenya. Yumm, avocados. And I love the peanut ones. I'm gonna turn them into something cute. =)
     I like mail. Maybe I'll go send some letters to some certain friends of mine, and force them to write me back. I have two people especially in mind. ;-) Three, counting my splendidful Grandma.

Love and miss you Gramma,
Your one and only favorite Lydia =)


  1. hm..i have a feeling about that;)

  2. Getting letters in the mail feels awesome!

    p.s LOVE the peanut postage stamps! ;D