I love my Mom =)

Aren't we cute?
She taught us all to love books.
She admits when she's wrong, and she's not afraid to apologize. 
She lends a listening ear to anyone who needs it. 
She's one of the best cooks I know.
She loves us each for who we are.
She doesn't play the favorites game.
She loves Dad. =)
She lets her children do things.
I can always trust her advice. 
She lets us grow up.
She has a good sense of humor, and she knows how to make people laugh.
She says what she thinks.
She doesn't put up with manipulation, she deals with things directly. 
She's brave. 
She loves people, and she cares about them.
She knows her faults . . .
But she is amazing.
She's my Mom. And I love her. 


  1. your mom is seriously one of the most amazing moms i know (cept mine of course) and i love that your mom and mine are such good friends! :D

  2. Lovely! You've inspired me to make a post about my own mom. (^:

  3. I love your mom too :) but for me, she's better as a sister than a mom, cause my own mom is also pretty great :)

  4. Awww, such a sweet post! <3 Moms are the best.