I frequent five different sites: Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, Blogger, and Goodreads. At different points, I've been mildly addicted to all five of them (though not all at once!) and I checked them all obsessively.
      Recently though, I've been rather neglectful of the first three. I only check Facebook every two or three days, because I really only use it to send messages and chat with people. Etsy is a little depressing for me, because I'm working on a limited budget, and I've only sold a grand total of three items. But hey, that is something, isn't it? As for Pinterest . . . I'm not sure why I've been neglecting Pinterest. I think it's partly because more and more of my acquaintances are on Pinterest, and I get tired of scrolling through their recipes and kid's crafts. Nothing against them, it's just too much overload for me. On the other hand, I often visit Pinterest when I have something specific in mind, and it's marvelous for keeping an eye on current trends.
     Then there's the last two, Blogger and Goodreads. It's kind of obvious that I'm on Blogger quite regularly. However, I thought I would educate you on Goodreads. (and maybe point you in my direction) So here goes . . .

What is Goodreads? 
Goodreads is a website for bookworms. You can rate books, review books, and keep track of what you're reading. You can also see what your friends are reading and browse through their shelves to see their ratings and reviews. In addition you can take quizzes or trivia, participate in book-clubs and discussions, vote on popular book lists, and even get book recommendations.

How does it work? I'm fixing to tell you ;)

Profiles . . .
When you sign up for a Goodreads account, you automatically have a profile. You can upload a profile picture, fill in your "about me" section, and share your website, book preferences, and interests. However, most of those are optional. You only have to share what you want to share, and you can customize your privacy settings.
     As far as my account goes, I have a profile picture, but I don't have an "about me" section. Although I usually have strict privacy settings (especially on Facebook), my profile on Goodreads is pretty open. Personally, I don't think it's a big deal, because my account is not about me . . . it's about the books I read. But like I said, you can share as much as you want or as little as you want, and privacy settings are up to you.

Shelves . . . 
By default, you start with three shelves: read, currently-reading, and to-read. You can add more shelves later . . . favorites, re-read, etc.

Books . . . 
Goodreads is almost like an online book catalog, and it has millions of books to choose from. If you've read it, Goodreads probably has it.
To find a book, simply type the title or author into the search box at the very top of the page, and Goodreads will come up with a list of books that match. 
Click the book you're looking for, and Goodreads will take you to the page for that book. Each book has a picture of the cover (sometimes more than one picture is available), and there is usually a small paragraph describing the book, as well as some basic information: author, publishing info, etc.
To add a book to your shelves, look for the "add to my books" button below the book's cover image. When you mouse over the button, three options will pop up: read, currently-reading, and to-read. Select the one you want, and the book will automatically appear on that shelf. Usually a window also pops up that asks you to rate the book, and includes a place to write your review.
To change a book's status from currently-reading to read, click "Home" at the very top, which will take you to a main page that shows your friend's updates. In the right corner, near the top, is a list of books that you are currently-reading. Click "update status" and a little window will pop up that includes an "i'm finished" button. And you're finished! ;)

Other . . . 
The books are obviously Goodreads main feature and purpose, but there are many other features as well. You can find and like quotes by your favorite authors, vote on popular book-lists, take quizzes and trivia, and participate in book groups or discussions. (In short, everything I've already mentioned.) :P Goodreads also generates book recommendations, based on what you've read in the past. I've found quite a few books through their recommendations. You can also create your own lists, quizzes, and trivia, and you can participate in the 2012 Book Challenge. (click here to view my challenge)

Finally, if you get a Goodreads Account (or have one already) send me a friend request! =) I am more than happy to "friend" my blogger-friends. =)

Links: My Goodreads Account, My Pinterest, My Etsy Shop.
Image Credit: Goodreads. duh.

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  1. SCORE!

    I've never thanked you for directing me to Goodreads, even though it was inadvertently. Goodreads makes Shelfari look like a... a smashed greenbean. Or something.

    (um, my humor is on vacation right now, so adlib is here to back me up until humor comes back)