Fragments of Thought

Just got home from church tonight // Dad makes the best spicy popcorn // We sang Hakuna Matata on the way home // We spent all day yesterday at a wedding // I burnt my leg on Dad's motorcycle a few days ago // It hurts // The blister popped // You probably don't want to hear any more about it // There was dark chocolate at church leftover from the wedding // I need a large stash of dark chocolate // And I could use some guacamole right now // Spring break is over // Pretty sad // I don't want to play in that piano contest // Holy fig newton, Dad has jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon in the oven! // I had those for lunch. I'm glad we're having it again // I wonder why I said holy fig newton? // Why not Holy Onion? //

p.s. I promise to write a good blog post tomorrow. I have some topics in mind. But one is controversial and one is sad. :p I also have a craft project in mind, so maybe we'll go for that.


  1. Have to love that quote... :)

  2. love that quote, and this post was just adorable. (: holy fig newton! haha.