Blogger Confessions

      In which I confess that my blog posts usually look better than they really are. . . 

Confession #1: My pickles were waaay too flavorful. And I ate them all anyway. Personally, I don't think they were too bad, but Mom was slightly shocked by the flavor, and Dad was utterly horrified. But hey, Dad isn't a dill pickle person.
Confession #2: Six of these books went back to the library without me reading them. Fortunately that is the worst record for my book stacks.
Confession #3: The walk in the rain was not as colorful or lovely as it looks. We walked down the sidewalk like this, and then the sky burst its guts, and poured the rain down on us in sheets. I hid the camera in our van, and we walked down the road completely soaked. When we got back, the sun came out, and Mom took a sunshiny picture of us in the yard.

Confession #4: My "projects" have not gone very well. I have done a lot with my blog, and I've done a little with my Etsy shop. (I've certainly read a lot!) However, I have not even worked on learning the guitar, I'm not very good with hair or makeup, I haven't built a dollhouse, and the quilt has been a depressing failure.

Confession #5: My Pinterest challenge didn't last for more than two months. I gave myself a lot of wiggle-room in the rules, cuz I rather suspected that might happen. Looking back on my projects, all the spectacular ones were food! Rainbow cake, Valentine's Day cookies, fried cheese . . . yumm!

Haha! Anyway, hope you enjoyed that peek behind-the-scenes. ;) It was fun looking through my old posts (though most of the ones I mentioned are fairly recent.) I think my writing has improved, and shockingly, my photography skills have improved too. Who woulda thought? 


  1. Aw, don't feel too bad about the make up. When I remember to wear it, I glob a bunch of eye shadow on and you still can't see it. Meh. I've given up on that subject.

    Hahahaha, you don't know how many books I refuse to read from the library once I get them. It is an utter shock how painful a book with a wondrous plot and a bad writing style can be to read.

  2. On the subject of getting more library books than my eyes can swallow. I know how you feel. Everytime I go to the library I feel need to at least take out a couple books, and then am left at home with a stack of books, most of which I'm not even that interested in reading. Sad? Very.

    It's ok, I almost always fabricate real life (even in my journal), just a little to make it more dramatic. Then I'll admit to myself at the end that I dramatized the situation disproportionally.

    And I always make challenges or projects I don't keep, although I try to keep from posting them on Blogger, so I have the appearance of a well-kept, hard-working, little home-maker. Truly, I usually lay on my bed, going on the internet, or reading a book I've read too many times. ;)

    Even I haven't followed too long, it's hard to believe your writing skills were ever lacking. Your writing is delightfully enjoyable for me to read, and your blog is one of the blogs that makes me laugh.

  3. aww! lol! My walks in the rain often go that way....

    I am the *worst* when it comes to finishing projects. For real. I almost never finish them. :P I'm supposed to be starting a quilt and I'm scared stiff that I'll start this enourmous project and have bits and pieces of it that I never finished haunting me for the rest of time.

    <3 I love your blog, Lidja. :D

    1. Oh I know! The quilt is horrible. I'm so particular that I can hardly stand to work on it, because I'm so bad at it. :p I think I'm not made to be a beginning quilter.

  4. i can't ever remember your writing being anything but inspirational to me, and hilarious. you've got natural skillz there.

    hahaha! those pickles look yuumo.

    don't feel bad about your projects, because if you keep feeling bad about them they'll never stop haunting you an you'll then probably never finish them. not to be a downer or anything.. ;)
    usually i just completely FORGET about all my un-finished things. because it makes me to stressed and sad to think about them. its also so good to take a break sometimes too..and to just completely start over..with small things,then work up to bigger things. if you really want to quilt, you should try starting out with small wall hangings. thats what i did, and now i'm bout to finish my 3rd quilt! ^_^
    anyway, your totally awesome and i always feel like your way more crafty than me, so don't feel to bad ;)