When we were little...

~We danced around the living room to John Phillip Sousa on our ancient record player ~

~We didn't know any bad words, so our best insults came from the Bible. Sam once deeply insulted me by calling me a "holy generation" ~

~We had indignant arguments about which mystery series was the best. Sam was for The Boxcar Children, but I supported The Happy Hollisters~

~We didn't worry much about "boy" or "girl" toys. He played with my dolls (he was their uncle), and I played with his Thomas trains~

~We loooved stuffed animals. Our two most frequent stuffed animal scenarios were "fairs" and weddings. "Fairs" consisted of large messes and plastic cups strung up across the ceiling with yarn. (The cups were the "rides") We also built stuffed-animal elevators for the bunk-bed~

~We told each other our dreams, but usually we told our dreams before we went to sleep. So it was more like "Tonight I'm going to dream that..."~

~ We used to switch favorite colors every day~

~ We frequently had huge pet tortoises living in our backyard~

~We loved to play "ghost-in-the-graveyard" at night with our aunts and uncles~

~We chased fireflies on Grandma's front lawn, and put them in jars with holes punched in the lids~

~We both cried the time it rained on the 4th of July and there weren't any fireworks~

~We were always guaranteed a piggy-back ride from our aunts and uncles~

~We liked to pretend that we were kittens. Grandma Morris would pour milk into little dishes for us, and we'd put them on the floor and lap them up with our tongues~

~We didn't believe Mom and Dad when they said that we were going to have a new baby. I think we thought they were joking~

~We had the same food preferences. We hated the same things, and we loved the same things. I think our only major point of disagreement was tomatoes~

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