Today it feels like spring. It's absolutely gorgeous.
     Frail green blades of grass are poking out of the dirt. I'm not always excited about grass. But these translucent, baby grass blades are exciting.
     This is Piper. She thinks her name is Beautiful, because that's what I call her. She's not very photogenic. She moves just when my camera snaps the picture.
     Piper and Pookie having a race.
     Piper refusing to do a photo-shoot with me . . .
     A typical Piper-pose. She thinks it's amusing to flop her tongue out and ruin my pictures.


  1. I want spring so bad!! No. I want summer :D
    Piper is so cute :) I wish I actually knew what she is like tho when she is normal! lol ;)

    1. Haha! I totally forgot about the time when Lady and Piper hated each other. And Lady sat on Piper. Lol! XD

  2. I love the pictures!! It's been sooo nice here too- and it's really rare for it to be this warm in VT in February! ^^ So I'm loving it. :D Fresh growing grass is the best & Your dogs are soooo cute! <3

  3. Aawww! Piper is adorable! xD <3 It has been beautiful! I have spent most of today outside. :D It's been lovely. ^_^