I am so restless. I’m finding myself wandering around the house, and then wandering around it again. Today I went and took my driver’s permit test. We tried once already, but the guy didn’t like our paperwork. I think he hates homeschoolers. Actually I think he hates his job. He was really grumpy.  So anyway, we created our own highschool diploma, which he grudgingly accepted. And I am now permitted.
    I should write a book review for Alas, Babylon, but I am feeling very unmotivated. Waiting in line for an hour can do that to you. Alas, Babylon was good. But I am not in a mood for reviews. Right now I am reading Funerals are Fatal (it was time for another Agatha Christie fix). I’m also reading Eragon, but I kind of forgot about it after the first few pages.
    I finished a little Pinterest project, but I was thinking I might do two this week. It involved melting plastic spoons over a candle. Curious? Ha.
    I am very confused by this weather. Today it was so warm that we opened the windows and turned on the fans. It was nice. We had sandwiches, fizzy grape juice and fudgsicles to celebrate new driver me. It felt like a picnic, because the kitchen is nonexistent, and we ate in the schoolroom. I love Spring so much.
    Still, I can’t help feeling that I would like one good snow, and a few snappy cold days. Especially since I just stocked up on sweaters.
    Spring in January has nothing to do with our nonexistent kitchen. Or maybe it does. We’ve been working on the floors for one or two weeks, and Mom and Dad couldn’t resist remodeling the kitchen at the same time. Dad knocked out part of the wall and took some cupboards down. Mom and I are going to paint the remaining cupboards white. I hope we plug the stove back in soon. I like fried eggs better than cold cereal.
    I stuffed myself with cheddar cheese and chocolate before the driver’s test. It was yummy. I hate being hungry at school or in long lines. I would die if my stomach growled. At school I usually eat a snack in between Algebra and Comp II.
    Last night I taught Piper table manners. In the past week she has gotten into the habit of dragging her dish across the yard and slinging/spreading dog food everywhere. Not only that, she is too much of a food snob to eat what she spilled. (Believe me, she’s a food snob. She won’t even eat dog biscuits.) The night before last, she spilled all of her food and made Pookie eat it. Pookie does anything for food.
    Anyway, I fed the dogs and stuck around for a bit. Piper looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and then she reached out and used her mouth to yank her dog bowl off of the step. I caught it halfway, gave her a smack on the bottom, and told her no. Then I scooped the food back in the bowl, and put it on the step. After that she was very confused, and it took me three minutes to convince her that she should eat her food. Then I sat on an old tricycle and made sure that the food stayed where it belonged. It was all very amusing, but I tried to conceal the fact from Piper&Pookie. I hope I won’t have to do the same thing tonight.
    It’s going to rain soon. I just heard thunder. I seriously feel like going outside and playing in the rain. I feel like playing in rain-puddles and twirling umbrellas. I want it to rain and be green and smell good. I want it to snow and be bitterly cold, and I want to bundle up in thick sweaters and wear warm hats outside. I wish one or the other would happen.
    Well. It’s raining. I’m going to dig out my umbrella. The little boys will be delighted to join my umbrella-twirling party. This has become a surprisingly long ramble. I suppose every blog needs a ramble once in a while. But this one is ending. Right now.
     Melted plastic and Alas, Babylon to come later...


  1. Yikes! It's really raining out there. I hope you aren't getting too wet! I'll put the kettle on. Oops! No stove, so I'll microwave some water for hot cocoa...

  2. I love your ramblings!
    Wish I was there to play in the rain with you, its one of my favorite things to do ^_^
    Its all sunny and gorgeous right now..I think I shall go "air dry" what little hair I have, hehe ;-)

  3. ps, you beat me by 4 posts in January! You did 24, I did 20 (yeh, i'm good at math :p )
    lol, and no I don't mean to sound like its a competition, I just think its amusing! :D