Well! My inspiration has temporarily run out. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. Do I sound whiny? Haha, sorry. This is not intended to be a whiny post. That (see whines above) was just my twisted sense of humor kicking in. (In size 13 font, by the way.) Bahaha.
 Is it wrong that I think I’m hilarious?
    Ah, never mind. Forget it. Anywaaaay. Moving on . . .
    Seriously though, I’ve run into a bit of blogger’s block after cranking out a blog post every day, for like . . . what? Two weeks? (Reading between the lines >>> I might have burnt myself out.) POUF ****** That’s me burning out.
    I want to switch things up a little. I want to learn a little more about blog design, and redo some stuff. I want to renovate my pages and my bio, and I need a new profile picture. I hate profile pictures. I’m also kind of sick of the Pinterest challenge. Two of the last three projects were completely wimpy, and I hate forcing myself to do little wimpy excuses on Saturday. That’s not what Saturdays are for.  But anyway, I think I’ll push through until week ten, because ten is a nice round number. After week ten, we’ll see how I feel about it.
    I actually have some brilliant ideas (you bet I do!) However, I’m not ready for them yet. I’m going to take a little break (three or four days maybe), and possibly do some more work on pages and design. It’s not like I’ll have time to post anyway. Tuesday is going to be quite a day, and we’ll have to spend all of Monday getting ready for it. To start with, Tuesday is a school day, and then I have to drive two hours to go to the orthodontist. Phooey. :( And here I thought I had perfect teeth and didn’t need braces. Dumb liddle baby eye teeth that never came out. :p OH, but I forgot to mention the important part about Tuesday. Grandma’s coming! Happy dance. :) I love my grandma.
    Okay. So anyway. It’s time for this post to end. I'm supposed to be in bed by 10:00, and it's later than I thought it was. Toodles!

P.S. I just realized that my whines are not in size 13 font. Apparently Blogger only does "Small, Normal, and Large" sized font. :p And it didn't copy and paste right from my computer. Oh well, that's blogger.


  1. Phahaha! You are hilarious.
    Looking forward to whatever is gonna come outta your blogger break!!
    Oh, and I totally know what you mean about having ideas and not being ready for them. Thats me. all. the. time.

    Candace said you were a cute kid today.
    pretty right one. ;)

    1. Erm. Thanks :D I'm glad you like my sense of humor. Actually, I'm glad you realize I have one. *giggle*

      P.S. Heehee, I like Candace. :-) And she is way more adorable than anybody.

  2. Noooooooo! DO NOT BURN OUT! *grabs Lidia by the shoulders and looks her in the eyes* That would be tragic! You are not a star in the abyssal black infinity of space that explodes and gets sucked into a bright big black hole! YOU ARE LIDIA, THE AWESOME BLOGGER THAT MAKES PEOPLE LAUGH. I love scrolling through your maps and your craft projects and all of those obscure books you read! If you feel burned out, you definitely should take a break, but do something that makes you feel inspired while your away. That's the best way to refuel.
    If you stop blogging, I WILL cry. Even if it's just virtually.

    *end melodramatic moment*


    1. Lol! I absolutely do not intend to stop blogging. Blogger-world is stuck with me until I'm eighty. Heehee. :D And I'm sure it won't be a break that's worth mentioning. I almost wrote a post today.