Pinterest Challenge Week #7

     These amazing conversation heart cookies are what happened when I combined the Valentine's Day party and Pinterest Challenge. :) They were inspired by this pin from this website. At first I intended to follow the tutorial, but um . . . do you guys realize what "royal frosting" tastes like? It looks fabulous, but it's hard and disgusting. Gross. So I chose delicious over fabulous-looking, and made my own yummy frosting. They turned out pretty cute anyway. =) I used our own favorite sugar cookie recipe, and I just sorta threw the frosting together. Decorating inspiration came from the tutorial, and the actual conversation heart candies.
     I think these are going to be a big hit. The boys kept coming around and staring at them, and Jason stuck to me like glue while I was decorating them. He helped me come up with Valentine's Day phrases, and he let me know which cookies were his favorites. We invented the "Smile" cookie with the smiley face, and we dubbed the <3 one "The Facebook heart cookie".
     Sam says that I made 49 cookies. I haven't bothered counting, but I believe him.
     The guests are arriving at two o'clock. I've got a super busy day ahead of me, what with homework, parties, and youth group. Toodle-ooo! Eventually I'll be back with pictures from the party. =)


  1. Those are soo cute!! And they look delicious!

  2. Those are so cute, Lidja!!! That is a fantastic idea. :D I prefer yummy over pretty *almost* every time too. xD


    Wait, what was I trying to say? I think I just mixed two sentences together.

    Oh well.

    I'd eat your cookies over conversation hearts any day. (except maybe one day... they aren't that bad) ;-D

    Have a keen time eating those!

  4. Heyy, Lidja!

    *gasp* I don't think I've ever commented on your blog, have I....?
    In any event, these are so awesome!! :D
    Such a cute and creative idea....and they look soooo good. <3

    I hope you had a totally swell time at the party! :)
    -Mel (over at Crazy Rants)

  5. Thanks girls :D They were delicious. :) Mel, thanks for stopping by. =)

  6. Love the colors! They look delish!

  7. Those were amazing!:) I've still got video of most of the boys (including older ones) playing musical chairs at the party:) And your dad doing that game where you've got to get the cookies from your forehead to your mouth with no hands:)