Pinterest Challenge Week #6

     Hmm. Someone forgot the Pinterest challenge (or maybe procrastinated) until Saturday evening. Again. Sound like anyone you know? Really? Because I don't know anyone like that.

     Okay. Now this is just plain pathetic. Really, it is. Today I made two paper dolls (cut out from vintage patterns).  This is a horrible photo (even though it's heavily edited), because I didn't get it done till all the daylight was gone. That happens constantly to me. Ugh. I feel like a faaaailure! It really is a cute idea, inspired by this pin from this website. But yeah. It was a totally wimpy two-second fix for my procrastination. However, I promise that next week I'm going to do a ginormous, astronomically amazing project. Ha.
     Okay, enough beating up on myself,
           See you around,

P.S. Maybe I'll cheat again, and take a better picture in the morning. Or maybe I'll do an amazing last minute save. Don't get angry if this post is removed or changed beyond recognition. Because I am slightly ashamed of it.


  1. Hiya, Lidja!
    I love your blog! I have read it a few times before and it is adorable. :D I am officially a follower. :D

    1. Lol! Thanks =) Maybe I should admit that I've silently followed your blog for a looong time. Probably since the beginning. >_< I've definitely heard plenty about you in blogger-world and real life. (Nonii/Jana's fault!) ;)

    2. :D lol! Well, Thanks! I love knowing that someone actually reads it. :) I have heard quite a bit about you too! (also Nonii/Jana's fault!) ^_^