Pin Wishes

     This post is based on an idea I got from a blog called amusing. (A very good blog, btw.) The basic idea is to pick and share a few pins off of Pinterest that define/describe you. Don't go reading too much into that statement though. I am not as amazing as my favorite pins. =) (understatement)
source: charmroundmyneck.tumblr.com
source: weheartit.com
source: flickr.com
source: sun-star-n-moon.tumblr.com
source: bookshelfporn.com
source: etsy.com
source: puppiesandflowers.com

source: http://www.abacuscards.co.uk

Link to my Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/LydiaLouise/


  1. thank you so very much for taking my survey. your comments made sense and i took them all to heart. :)
    and i understand what you mean about "finding and sticking with a theme" there has been a definite lack of consistency but there was a good reason behind that madness :) anyway, thanks again for the comments and suggestions :) they really do help me make my blog better :D

    1. You're welcome! And I definitely took the survey because I think you have a beautiful blog. =) I don't normally do things like that. :p

  2. Nice list!! I love the second one; and the fifth one down is super neat. :)