I confess.

    Confession: Sometimes I hate Christianity. Wait! Don’t freak out on me. I am not talking about Jesus. Let me explain myself . . .
I hate cliches. Christianity is full of them.
I hate it when people have cute, pat little answers for real questions.
    I hate it when people say a phrase that’s been uttered a million times before and act like it’s a revelation, or something really exciting and special.
I hate it when people think that every question has an answer.
I hate it when people think that questions can only have one answer.    
I hate it when people refuse to see both sides of an issue.
    I hate it when people are legalistic about things that don’t matter much. Like how you dress. Or what you eat. Or what style of music is best. Or which books and movies are okay. 
I hate the fact that there are one million opinions for every one Bible verse.
I hate it when Christians try to use God to bully others.
I hate the fact that Christians persecute each other.
I hate it when Christian words and actions are more hurtful than anyone else’s.
I hate it when people give me rules and formulas for having a relationship with God.
I hate it when people tell me how to worship.
I hate it when Christians think they are experts on Science, just because they’ve read Genesis One.
I hate it when people say one thing and do another.
I hate hypocrites.
I hate it when Christians apply their code of conduct to people who aren’t Christians.
I hate the way Christians sit on their butts and do nothing.
I hate it when Christians are hateful.
I hate it when people think that non-Christians are stupid or unintelligent.
I hate it when appearances matter more than attitudes and motives.

    I feel immature and stupid, because . . . come on, what Christian hates Christianity? I say I hate hypocrites. But isn’t that the ultimate statement of hypocrisy? Doesn’t that make me a big fat hypocrite? I say I hate it when people tell me how to have a relationship with God. But why do I hate it when people tell me to read my Bible? Maybe I just don’t wanna do it. I say I hate cliches. Um “Jesus loves me” is a cliche. It’s pretty pathetic that I feel cynical when someone says that Jesus turned their life around. Isn’t that the point of Christianity?
    I don’t know what I think Christianity is. I don’t even know what I think it should be. Sometimes I wish that Christianity didn’t involve so many words. So many speeches, sermons, soap-boxes and cliches. I wish it was just about love. I wish the only thing people strived for was to love God and love each other. Loving each other causes enough complications! (Not kidding.)
    I love Jesus. (Yes, I just uttered a cliche). I love people. I even love Christians. ;) Sometimes they’re the hardest ones to love. I just wrote a blog post that used the word “hate” more than twenty-five times. But that’s not what I want. I want to love. I want to strive to love. I don’t want my relationship with God to be based on any of the things mentioned in the hate list above. I don’t even want it to be based on hating those things. I just want to love. 

p.s. please comment?


  1. I think a Christian would be strange if they didn't feel that way sometimes.

    I agree. Christianity isn't about being an angel and looking down on those who aren't. It's about getting people saved and loving them no matter what their choices are.

    And I think it's great you're brave enough to say what you believe.

  2. Yep, I definately agree with everything you listed. We live in such a fallen world, eh? The mystery is why God hasn't given up on we cynical, hypocritical Christians.

    Sometimes I'm not sure what "Christianity" is supposed to mean either. But, you're right, it involves a lot of love. A whole lot of love.

  3. The last paragraph summed up most of my thoughts on your post. :) Love is what Christian's ought to be focusing on; sadly, most of us aren't. That's why there's so much envy, hypocrisy, and all that other stuff. It's because each person isn't loving as Christ did.

    Lately, I've begun to realize that trying to do works are "look holy" aren't at all what Christian's should be focusing on. Because although glorifying God ought to be our goal, it's something that should be allowed to flow naturally through our relationship with Him. Enough of works will come once the love of Jesus begins to flow through our hearts.

  4. ...All I can say is: I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU FEEL and I can totally relate. I find myself facing these feelings and emotions often; and I think the root of these feelings I, like you, have had, is religion. Which is really interesting to think about, because most people seem to almost automatically figure religion is God and God is religion, but I truly believe that is the farthest thing from the truth. I mean, religion- and I'm talking about every religion on the planet here -is FULL of cliches and demands and condemnation; like what you do is never good enough for God and you'll never be pleasing to God unless you're absolutely perfect (and who is? I know I'm not), and suddenly Christianity has been turned into this endless list of 'dos' and 'don'ts' and orders and step-by-step ways to 'get closer to God'. ...Like, the perfect picture of God, painted in the gospels has been warped by Religion. Because in the gospels, Jesus only gives one commandment: LOVE. Like, seriously. *That's it*. No strings attached. And I couldn't agree more when you said “Sometimes I wish that Christianity didn’t involve so many words. So many speeches, sermons, soap-boxes and cliches. I wish it was just about love.” -EXACTLY. And I truly believe that that's what Christianity *is* all about, but that is *not* what religion is all about; Because *true* Christianity is simply *Jesus*. And Jesus is all about love and nothing else. Like, it's not about what *we* do...it's about what *He* has done- the love he has brought us into and the love that we can choose to rejoice and live in here & now.
    Religion uses God as a threat for 'non-believers', like if they don't 'turn' to God they'll be punished or something; while Jesus speaks the exact opposite “for God so loved the WORLD.” ...which means EVERYONE. Jesus is about extravagant love- loving and embracing the world and everyone in it.
    Woaaahhh, sorry for the unbelievably long rant! XD I totally loved this post; you made a lot of really good points.

    1. *note* In no way am I trying to start an argument! <3 ;) :D

      hiii.. :)
      I gotta say something.
      Jesus gives one commandment. LOVE. *That's it*.
      ***Wrong. Thats not it*** The RELIGION that Jesus taught was much more.
      He gives many more commandments. Ever read the sermon on the mount?
      Just sayin:)
      True, God loves *everyone*. He sent his only Son that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life. Which means, those who don't believe in Him, will not have everlasting life. They will perish. "Religion uses God as a threat for 'non-believers'. like if they don't 'turn to God' they'll be punished or something."
      Guess what? If 'non-believers' don't turn to God, they WILL be punished. That is WHY He sent His only Son to die for us so that we will have a way to everlasting life. So that we can have a way around being punished for our sins. And thats also why its our job, as Christians, those who believe, to be the light. It isn't always a fun job, but neither was dying on the cross.
      Jesus isn't about embracing this world, this world is corrupt and won't last for forever. Jesus is about bringing light to the world. He died for people, because our souls are forever, weather in heaven or hell. Not for this world, because its not forever.
      I know everyone is expressing their opinions/beliefs, and I think that's cool. Its also cool that I can totally disagree. And so can you:)

      you know what my favorite thing about Love is? LOVE HOPES ALL THINGS.

  5. i completely agree with you. i've felt the same way for a long time. it's why i stopped going to my last church. everyone there was composed of every element you listed. it was ridiculous. so i left. and i'm the furthest thing from regretful. so anyway, thanks for posting such an honest, blunt, post. you've voiced my thoughts and feelings perfectly. :D

  6. Thanks for the responses. =) It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who feels that way.
    @Dream Sailor: I totally agree. I want a relationship, not a religion.

    1. Exactly! Same here. You know, what we were talking about immediately reminded me of this video I stumbled upon recently on FaceBook- "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IAhDGYlpqY -I love the message and I thought you might like to see it. :)