How I Waste Time

     I am not happy. Netflix took my favorite All Creatures Great and Small show off of instant. I am NOT happy. I shall be forced to resort to one of three things. (1) I'll have to read the books instead. But I already do that. I want to have the television show too. I love both. (2) We'll have to order it through the mail. The mail takes forever. Mom's considering getting rid of the mail. The Netflix mail, not the regular mail. The mail will not be there when I need it to be there. (3) I'll have to buy the whole set off of Amazon for $160.49. Not going to happen. I doubt I even have $5.00, much less $160.49 :(  I am not happy. Stupid Netflix.
     So anyway. If any of you readers are considering giving me a gift... Or if you have special influence with the Netflix company...
     Speaking of wants, this is my dream chair. As of yesterday. :) Also not going to happen. $107.60 (and that's the sale price). Hey, it costs less than my favorite television show.

I haven't been feeling good, so I've been on the internet way too much in the past few days. I . . .
Read a story called The Girl with Seven Horses. 
Saw a room covered in millions of stickers.
Discovered a set of paintings called Beyond the Borders of Postage Stamps (I <3 postage stamps) =)
Wrote a blog post that was mildly epic. Heehee. (see post below this one)
Read new blogs and friend's blogs.
Chatted with Nonii on Facebook for a looong time. No, you may not know what we were talking about. But it was good. ;)
Now reading ... amusing  and  Through the Looking Glass
Found a new favorite Etsy shop. This one started the chair thing. (plus this one and this one)
And I loved bleubird's outfit posts :)

Yep. But now I feel better so, erm, that means I have to get off of this and do something with my life. Probably Spanish homework. :p


  1. I HATE IT WHEN NETFLIX DOES THAT. They'll have something and then one day BAM it'll be gone. Or you really hope they'll have something and you look it up and they won't have it. Darn Netflix. XP

  2. Personally, I think everything should be instant! I know, probably wouldn't work with copyright and all that. But it would be sweet. :D

  3. arg, I hate Netflix most days, for one everything good on instant I've seen, and yes, they ALWAYS take off you favorite shows. The day they take Psych off Netflix I swear I'm gonna have a huge melt down and possibly never recover..
    that chair is pretty sweet!!