Dreary Weather

(this was the good part)
     It snowed a little bit today. Big huge flakes. You could hear them falling. Nothing much stuck, and when it switched to rain, everything melted. It was kind of depressing. The weatherman said one to three inches, but the weatherman lies a lot. Everything's pretty gloomy. The sky is overcast, and I'm afraid that my Frank Sinatra music isn't helping. "Then violiiiins will cry, and soooooo will I, Mam'selle." It's all quite mournful and tragic.
     On Wednesday we're going to have a Valentine's Day party. Twenty-five kids and their parents are coming. It's going to be insane. I'm in the process of making heart-shaped sugar cookies. I was very tempted to gobble all of the cookie dough on the spot, but I resisted. Cookie dough is better than cookies.
    Surprisingly, I feel like I accomplished something today. I did all of my homework, I practiced Spanish, I cleaned the kitchen, helped clean the backyard, etc. I still have to practice the piano (of course)
     Tomorrow Sam and I have classes. Oh joy! *sarcasm* In the afternoon, the neighbors (Jordan, Peyton, and their mom) are coming over to help us get ready for the party.
     It just occurred to me that today is Monday, February 13. It sounds ominous. Actually, I'm not scared of thirteen. But February and Monday are pretty dreary.
     I do not understand this weather. I don't like it. This was the warmest winter ever. Snow in November, and then nothing. Just sort-of cold. It switches too : one day it's warm and sunny, the next day it's bitter cold with a possibility of snow. We live too far south for my tastes. I like my seasons in four nice, neat blocks, thank you very much. My biggest gripe is the fact that we don't get a proper spring. It's cold for a bit, then we get maybe three lukewarm days, and then it's sweltering. I misssss spring!
     Anyhow. Sorry if this post was too boring or depressing. I promise I won't talk about the weather next time. Unless we get seven inches of snow. Then I'll probably talk about it.


  1. You have snow! Wow, you are lucky. Melting snow is better than no snow! I hope you get a lot of it. ;)

  2. We've had a lot of snow too, its horrible when it gets all slushy and stuff so at least you didnt get that.. we had iced up streets and slushy gardens for a week before ours cleared up.. it stops being pretty once that starts happening x

  3. I wish our snow has stayed! We haven't got much. But it was nice for like.. two minutes. Heehee. =)

  4. We got two inches..then I left while it all melted so I didn't get to be with it very much:(
    I'm hoping for a big snow in March! I dunno why march..but..it would be nice:D