Cozy Is . . .

Sleepy little cats.

Chunky sweaters

Quilts, comforters, and my furry blanket.

Books. Well, okay. Technically not cozy. But you get the idea.
     Right now the only thing I want to do is to curl up in my bed with lots of blankets and lose myself in a book. Permanently. Forever. Yep, I could handle that right now.


  1. Ahhh love the pictures. <3 All the above sounds absolutely fantastic right now.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Don't worry I'm not saying this in a... Well, the way most people say it. Just thanking because they feel it is their duty. I am a firm believer in people who have book tastes silmilarities are going to be kindred spirits, and reading your about I knew I had to comment. You have captured the elusive talent of sarcasm in writing that I strive for, and so I doff my hat to you.

    So, thank you, and I hope you don't think me awfully presuming (I always worry my words till they aren't like me at all for fear somebody might think me rude)'

    1. I am not creeped out, if that's what you mean. :D I love it when I find someone who knows the same books. Especially L.M. Montgomery!

  3. Chunky sweaters=my favorite winter clothes. Also, now I want a cat. Cat's are adorable.

  4. Those things are so awesome! (: You seem like my type of person :D