Book Greediness and Albatrosses

And . . . tulips?

    I'm not very inspired, and nothing interesting is happening. :( Yesterday I spent all morning at school, then we rushed home for lunch and spent all afternoon at the dentist office. Apparently I never lost two of my eye teeth. Oh joy. I am thrilled.
     The weather outside is gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Next week Grandma W. is going to visit. Aunt Shayna is going to fly in, later in the week, and maybe Aunt Carolyn will get to come down for the weekend. Oh joy! I am thrilled. =) For realz this time. :) :) :)
     "Hello Seattle" is on Pandora. The boys are discussing the fact that the singer is an albatross. They like to make fun of my music. They've obviously never heard really bad music, or they would shut up.
     Last night I finished The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine. It was very mediocre, and the characters were excessively annoying. I kind of expected better, because I used to absolutely adore Ella Enchanted. I read it so many times that I doubt I could stand to read it again.
     Oh my. Now Pandora is playing "Yesterday", and I can't get the Tim Hawkins "Chick-fil-a" parody out of my head. That's the disadvantage of belonging to a family who is very, very amused by parodies. We even make them up ourselves.
     Back to the topic of books, now I'm reading Zoo Vet by David Taylor. If you replace the farms with zoos and the cows with hippos and giraffes, it's kind of like James Herriot. And it's set in England. *score* I don't know why I love stories about British vets. But I do.
     I'm looking through my "to-read" shelf on Goodreads. These are the books I want to get on my next library trip:
The Book Thief
Lord of the Flies
Life Among the Savages
Birds, Beasts, and Relatives 

And these are the books I can't find at the library :(
A Brief History of Montmaray
Out of the Silent Planet 
The Young Unicorns
The Turning

And I have four more L.M. Motgomerys that I need.
Among the Shadows
The Doctor's Sweetheart
Against the Odds
The Blue Castle

     Enough of my book greediness. After all, I just went to the library like . . . what . . . four days ago? Yeah. Anyway. I still have a Harry Potter book to read. And a F. Scott Fitzgerald book. And a Chaim Potok book. I will definitely survive. Oh, and I forgot that I got The Help. Mom's reading it right now, but I get it next. It wasn't on the library shelf, but I asked a librarian, and he got it for me from the temporary shelving. I was proud of myself. Because I am shy enough that asking a librarian is a big deal. :p


  1. "They've obviously never heard really bad music, or they would shut up". :) Love this!

    p.s Harry potter is awesome.

  2. Phahaha! Adam (owl city) is also a sleeping pill!!! The imagination he has to think of calling himself those things boggles me.. ;) But I sure do love it!