Family Legends

     It is widely rumored that my great-great aunt shut her nose in the refrigerator door. How she accomplished such a thing remains a great mystery. She must have had an exceptionally long nose, because many of her descendants (myself included) have tried to imitate her with little success.



    Well! My inspiration has temporarily run out. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. Do I sound whiny? Haha, sorry. This is not intended to be a whiny post. That (see whines above) was just my twisted sense of humor kicking in. (In size 13 font, by the way.) Bahaha.
 Is it wrong that I think I’m hilarious?
    Ah, never mind. Forget it. Anywaaaay. Moving on . . .
    Seriously though, I’ve run into a bit of blogger’s block after cranking out a blog post every day, for like . . . what? Two weeks? (Reading between the lines >>> I might have burnt myself out.) POUF ****** That’s me burning out.
    I want to switch things up a little. I want to learn a little more about blog design, and redo some stuff. I want to renovate my pages and my bio, and I need a new profile picture. I hate profile pictures. I’m also kind of sick of the Pinterest challenge. Two of the last three projects were completely wimpy, and I hate forcing myself to do little wimpy excuses on Saturday. That’s not what Saturdays are for.  But anyway, I think I’ll push through until week ten, because ten is a nice round number. After week ten, we’ll see how I feel about it.
    I actually have some brilliant ideas (you bet I do!) However, I’m not ready for them yet. I’m going to take a little break (three or four days maybe), and possibly do some more work on pages and design. It’s not like I’ll have time to post anyway. Tuesday is going to be quite a day, and we’ll have to spend all of Monday getting ready for it. To start with, Tuesday is a school day, and then I have to drive two hours to go to the orthodontist. Phooey. :( And here I thought I had perfect teeth and didn’t need braces. Dumb liddle baby eye teeth that never came out. :p OH, but I forgot to mention the important part about Tuesday. Grandma’s coming! Happy dance. :) I love my grandma.
    Okay. So anyway. It’s time for this post to end. I'm supposed to be in bed by 10:00, and it's later than I thought it was. Toodles!

P.S. I just realized that my whines are not in size 13 font. Apparently Blogger only does "Small, Normal, and Large" sized font. :p And it didn't copy and paste right from my computer. Oh well, that's blogger.


Pinterest Challenge Week #8

      Stamped patterns! Inspired by this pin from this website. I used a big metal washer for my red pattern, and for the other patterns I used some random little plastic caps that were sitting around. *Random fact about myself: I have many useful/useless little objects sitting around in my bedroom* =)
     I did these while lying on my stomach in my bedroom. I only got one tiny little splurt of yellow paint on my carpet. :-/  Lol!


Spring Air

      In springtime the air is made out of memories. I've always thought that. Even when I was too little to have memories.


Book Greediness and Albatrosses

And . . . tulips?

    I'm not very inspired, and nothing interesting is happening. :( Yesterday I spent all morning at school, then we rushed home for lunch and spent all afternoon at the dentist office. Apparently I never lost two of my eye teeth. Oh joy. I am thrilled.
     The weather outside is gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Next week Grandma W. is going to visit. Aunt Shayna is going to fly in, later in the week, and maybe Aunt Carolyn will get to come down for the weekend. Oh joy! I am thrilled. =) For realz this time. :) :) :)
     "Hello Seattle" is on Pandora. The boys are discussing the fact that the singer is an albatross. They like to make fun of my music. They've obviously never heard really bad music, or they would shut up.
     Last night I finished The Two Princesses of Bamarre, by Gail Carson Levine. It was very mediocre, and the characters were excessively annoying. I kind of expected better, because I used to absolutely adore Ella Enchanted. I read it so many times that I doubt I could stand to read it again.
     Oh my. Now Pandora is playing "Yesterday", and I can't get the Tim Hawkins "Chick-fil-a" parody out of my head. That's the disadvantage of belonging to a family who is very, very amused by parodies. We even make them up ourselves.
     Back to the topic of books, now I'm reading Zoo Vet by David Taylor. If you replace the farms with zoos and the cows with hippos and giraffes, it's kind of like James Herriot. And it's set in England. *score* I don't know why I love stories about British vets. But I do.
     I'm looking through my "to-read" shelf on Goodreads. These are the books I want to get on my next library trip:
The Book Thief
Lord of the Flies
Life Among the Savages
Birds, Beasts, and Relatives 

And these are the books I can't find at the library :(
A Brief History of Montmaray
Out of the Silent Planet 
The Young Unicorns
The Turning

And I have four more L.M. Motgomerys that I need.
Among the Shadows
The Doctor's Sweetheart
Against the Odds
The Blue Castle

     Enough of my book greediness. After all, I just went to the library like . . . what . . . four days ago? Yeah. Anyway. I still have a Harry Potter book to read. And a F. Scott Fitzgerald book. And a Chaim Potok book. I will definitely survive. Oh, and I forgot that I got The Help. Mom's reading it right now, but I get it next. It wasn't on the library shelf, but I asked a librarian, and he got it for me from the temporary shelving. I was proud of myself. Because I am shy enough that asking a librarian is a big deal. :p


Cozy Is . . .

Sleepy little cats.

Chunky sweaters

Quilts, comforters, and my furry blanket.

Books. Well, okay. Technically not cozy. But you get the idea.
     Right now the only thing I want to do is to curl up in my bed with lots of blankets and lose myself in a book. Permanently. Forever. Yep, I could handle that right now.

Thrift-store Find

     This is a huge scarf that I found at the Salvation Army. It was made in Italy, and measures about four feet by four feet. 
     I paid two dollars for it, a little much for a scarf (in my opinion), but it's pretty unique. 
     Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I have ideas! (of course) =)


Libraryyyyy :)

Library Day!

Westmark - Lloyd Alexander
The Beautiful and the Damned - F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nineteen Eighty-four - George Orwell
The Penderwicks at Point Mouette - Jeanne Birdsall
A House Like a Lotus - Madeleine L'Engle
David and Jonathon - Cynthia Voigt
The Two Princesses of Bamarre - Gail Carson Levine
I Am the Clay - Chaim Potok
Zoo Vet - David Taylor
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling

EDIT {On second thought, scratch A House Like a Lotus. :-/  Upon further research I've decided that I won't be reading it.}



     Today it feels like spring. It's absolutely gorgeous.
     Frail green blades of grass are poking out of the dirt. I'm not always excited about grass. But these translucent, baby grass blades are exciting.
     This is Piper. She thinks her name is Beautiful, because that's what I call her. She's not very photogenic. She moves just when my camera snaps the picture.
     Piper and Pookie having a race.
     Piper refusing to do a photo-shoot with me . . .
     A typical Piper-pose. She thinks it's amusing to flop her tongue out and ruin my pictures.


I confess.

    Confession: Sometimes I hate Christianity. Wait! Don’t freak out on me. I am not talking about Jesus. Let me explain myself . . .
I hate cliches. Christianity is full of them.
I hate it when people have cute, pat little answers for real questions.
    I hate it when people say a phrase that’s been uttered a million times before and act like it’s a revelation, or something really exciting and special.
I hate it when people think that every question has an answer.
I hate it when people think that questions can only have one answer.    
I hate it when people refuse to see both sides of an issue.
    I hate it when people are legalistic about things that don’t matter much. Like how you dress. Or what you eat. Or what style of music is best. Or which books and movies are okay. 
I hate the fact that there are one million opinions for every one Bible verse.
I hate it when Christians try to use God to bully others.
I hate the fact that Christians persecute each other.
I hate it when Christian words and actions are more hurtful than anyone else’s.
I hate it when people give me rules and formulas for having a relationship with God.
I hate it when people tell me how to worship.
I hate it when Christians think they are experts on Science, just because they’ve read Genesis One.
I hate it when people say one thing and do another.
I hate hypocrites.
I hate it when Christians apply their code of conduct to people who aren’t Christians.
I hate the way Christians sit on their butts and do nothing.
I hate it when Christians are hateful.
I hate it when people think that non-Christians are stupid or unintelligent.
I hate it when appearances matter more than attitudes and motives.

    I feel immature and stupid, because . . . come on, what Christian hates Christianity? I say I hate hypocrites. But isn’t that the ultimate statement of hypocrisy? Doesn’t that make me a big fat hypocrite? I say I hate it when people tell me how to have a relationship with God. But why do I hate it when people tell me to read my Bible? Maybe I just don’t wanna do it. I say I hate cliches. Um “Jesus loves me” is a cliche. It’s pretty pathetic that I feel cynical when someone says that Jesus turned their life around. Isn’t that the point of Christianity?
    I don’t know what I think Christianity is. I don’t even know what I think it should be. Sometimes I wish that Christianity didn’t involve so many words. So many speeches, sermons, soap-boxes and cliches. I wish it was just about love. I wish the only thing people strived for was to love God and love each other. Loving each other causes enough complications! (Not kidding.)
    I love Jesus. (Yes, I just uttered a cliche). I love people. I even love Christians. ;) Sometimes they’re the hardest ones to love. I just wrote a blog post that used the word “hate” more than twenty-five times. But that’s not what I want. I want to love. I want to strive to love. I don’t want my relationship with God to be based on any of the things mentioned in the hate list above. I don’t even want it to be based on hating those things. I just want to love. 

p.s. please comment?

Pin Wishes

     This post is based on an idea I got from a blog called amusing. (A very good blog, btw.) The basic idea is to pick and share a few pins off of Pinterest that define/describe you. Don't go reading too much into that statement though. I am not as amazing as my favorite pins. =) (understatement)
source: charmroundmyneck.tumblr.com
source: weheartit.com
source: flickr.com
source: sun-star-n-moon.tumblr.com
source: bookshelfporn.com
source: etsy.com
source: puppiesandflowers.com

source: http://www.abacuscards.co.uk

Link to my Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/LydiaLouise/


Pinterest Challenge Week #7

     These amazing conversation heart cookies are what happened when I combined the Valentine's Day party and Pinterest Challenge. :) They were inspired by this pin from this website. At first I intended to follow the tutorial, but um . . . do you guys realize what "royal frosting" tastes like? It looks fabulous, but it's hard and disgusting. Gross. So I chose delicious over fabulous-looking, and made my own yummy frosting. They turned out pretty cute anyway. =) I used our own favorite sugar cookie recipe, and I just sorta threw the frosting together. Decorating inspiration came from the tutorial, and the actual conversation heart candies.
     I think these are going to be a big hit. The boys kept coming around and staring at them, and Jason stuck to me like glue while I was decorating them. He helped me come up with Valentine's Day phrases, and he let me know which cookies were his favorites. We invented the "Smile" cookie with the smiley face, and we dubbed the <3 one "The Facebook heart cookie".
     Sam says that I made 49 cookies. I haven't bothered counting, but I believe him.
     The guests are arriving at two o'clock. I've got a super busy day ahead of me, what with homework, parties, and youth group. Toodle-ooo! Eventually I'll be back with pictures from the party. =)


Heartie heart heart

     Today the Stamps came over and we decorated for the Valentine's Day Party (which will take place tomorrow). We put balloons on the staircase, and we hung strings of paper hearts in the doorway, and put up red streamers.
     This is our doorway. And um, I just realized there's a furry thing in the corner that looks like someone's head. You didn't notice it? Never mind.
     Aren't they lovely hearts? <3
     For supper tonight we had homemade pizzas. Some of them were hearts, but the less sentimental people had rectangles. Lol =) Tonight I'm rolling out my sugar cookie dough, cutting out hearts, and baking them. I'm hoping that I'll also get them frosted tonight. We'll see.
     Actually, I just pulled the last batch out of the oven, and I'm eating the leftover scraps. The baker deserves some reward. 


Dreary Weather

(this was the good part)
     It snowed a little bit today. Big huge flakes. You could hear them falling. Nothing much stuck, and when it switched to rain, everything melted. It was kind of depressing. The weatherman said one to three inches, but the weatherman lies a lot. Everything's pretty gloomy. The sky is overcast, and I'm afraid that my Frank Sinatra music isn't helping. "Then violiiiins will cry, and soooooo will I, Mam'selle." It's all quite mournful and tragic.
     On Wednesday we're going to have a Valentine's Day party. Twenty-five kids and their parents are coming. It's going to be insane. I'm in the process of making heart-shaped sugar cookies. I was very tempted to gobble all of the cookie dough on the spot, but I resisted. Cookie dough is better than cookies.
    Surprisingly, I feel like I accomplished something today. I did all of my homework, I practiced Spanish, I cleaned the kitchen, helped clean the backyard, etc. I still have to practice the piano (of course)
     Tomorrow Sam and I have classes. Oh joy! *sarcasm* In the afternoon, the neighbors (Jordan, Peyton, and their mom) are coming over to help us get ready for the party.
     It just occurred to me that today is Monday, February 13. It sounds ominous. Actually, I'm not scared of thirteen. But February and Monday are pretty dreary.
     I do not understand this weather. I don't like it. This was the warmest winter ever. Snow in November, and then nothing. Just sort-of cold. It switches too : one day it's warm and sunny, the next day it's bitter cold with a possibility of snow. We live too far south for my tastes. I like my seasons in four nice, neat blocks, thank you very much. My biggest gripe is the fact that we don't get a proper spring. It's cold for a bit, then we get maybe three lukewarm days, and then it's sweltering. I misssss spring!
     Anyhow. Sorry if this post was too boring or depressing. I promise I won't talk about the weather next time. Unless we get seven inches of snow. Then I'll probably talk about it.


A Little Piece of Random

My breakfast. English muffins, mixed nuts, and strawberries and blueberries. <3
My house-plant

Teacups and books. All Creatures Great and Small <3

Mom's seeds


Pinterest Challenge Week #6

     Hmm. Someone forgot the Pinterest challenge (or maybe procrastinated) until Saturday evening. Again. Sound like anyone you know? Really? Because I don't know anyone like that.

     Okay. Now this is just plain pathetic. Really, it is. Today I made two paper dolls (cut out from vintage patterns).  This is a horrible photo (even though it's heavily edited), because I didn't get it done till all the daylight was gone. That happens constantly to me. Ugh. I feel like a faaaailure! It really is a cute idea, inspired by this pin from this website. But yeah. It was a totally wimpy two-second fix for my procrastination. However, I promise that next week I'm going to do a ginormous, astronomically amazing project. Ha.
     Okay, enough beating up on myself,
           See you around,

P.S. Maybe I'll cheat again, and take a better picture in the morning. Or maybe I'll do an amazing last minute save. Don't get angry if this post is removed or changed beyond recognition. Because I am slightly ashamed of it.

Music Loves

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole <3
Happy Together - The Turtles
What a Wonderful World and The Bare Necessities - Louis Armstrong
He Reigns and Shine - Newsboys
You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan (Disney) :P
Hello Seattle - Owl City
Just Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble
Hakuna Matata and Can You Feel the Love Tonight? - Lion King
The Way I Am and Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson
Hymn - Jars of Clay
I'm Yours/Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Straight No Chaser
Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly
Imperial March - Star Wars (lol)
Big Enough - Chris Rice

Louis Armstrong, Michael Buble, Chris Rice, Frank Sinatra, Straight No Chaser...


How I Waste Time

     I am not happy. Netflix took my favorite All Creatures Great and Small show off of instant. I am NOT happy. I shall be forced to resort to one of three things. (1) I'll have to read the books instead. But I already do that. I want to have the television show too. I love both. (2) We'll have to order it through the mail. The mail takes forever. Mom's considering getting rid of the mail. The Netflix mail, not the regular mail. The mail will not be there when I need it to be there. (3) I'll have to buy the whole set off of Amazon for $160.49. Not going to happen. I doubt I even have $5.00, much less $160.49 :(  I am not happy. Stupid Netflix.
     So anyway. If any of you readers are considering giving me a gift... Or if you have special influence with the Netflix company...
     Speaking of wants, this is my dream chair. As of yesterday. :) Also not going to happen. $107.60 (and that's the sale price). Hey, it costs less than my favorite television show.

I haven't been feeling good, so I've been on the internet way too much in the past few days. I . . .
Read a story called The Girl with Seven Horses. 
Saw a room covered in millions of stickers.
Discovered a set of paintings called Beyond the Borders of Postage Stamps (I <3 postage stamps) =)
Wrote a blog post that was mildly epic. Heehee. (see post below this one)
Read new blogs and friend's blogs.
Chatted with Nonii on Facebook for a looong time. No, you may not know what we were talking about. But it was good. ;)
Now reading ... amusing  and  Through the Looking Glass
Found a new favorite Etsy shop. This one started the chair thing. (plus this one and this one)
And I loved bleubird's outfit posts :)

Yep. But now I feel better so, erm, that means I have to get off of this and do something with my life. Probably Spanish homework. :p


In Which I Interpret My Personal Dreams...

(And share the world's worst doodle)

     I have strange dreams. Not the aspiration kind of dreams, the zonked-out-in-my-bed-at-night kind of dreams (Duh, everyone does.) I’m won’t claim I’m unique in this, people. ;)
    But still. Some of my dreams are really strange. I don’t know where on earth they come from. My dad has a theory, which is this : When you’re asleep, your brain is sorting out all your thoughts and experiences, and categorizing them. Based on this theory, I imagine my mind as ... a dresser. With drawers. Or maybe more like a circular room with ... circular drawers? And something ... my brain, I guess, is sorting through my brain drawers and being all  like “What is this thing doing in the sock drawer?” (Not that my thoughts are socks. Let’s clarify that. My thoughts are not socks).
    Anyway, you can trust my dad, because he’s a scientist. Maybe you shouldn’t trust my imagination. At certain times that could be possibly potentially dangerous.
    So. Moving onnnn. I think my dad’s theory makes sense, right? As a side-note, this is the reason people stop thinking straight when they’re tired. Because they haven’t given their brain a chance to organize, and their sock-drawers are overflowing. Even worse, they possibly have pajamas or tee-shirts in their sock-drawers. So tired people get emotionally unstable because their socks are crowded. Okay, maybe that made sense, maybe it didn’t. So just forget about this side-note, and we will try moving onnnn (again.)
    Sometimes I try applying my dad’s theory (embellished by my imagination) to my strange dreams. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes I can trace separate parts of my dream back to real events and thoughts that happened in the daytime. It’s sort of like interpreting dreams. Except not as creepy.
    Once I dreamed that I was defending a castle. I think that all the guys of the castle were gone and the only occupants were females my age. It was horrible, because I was the only person who was concerned about the fact that the enemy was KNOCKING HOLES IN OUR WALLS. I mean, wake up already, stupids! No one else cared, and I could not convince them that we should be defending ourselves. So I, um.... lied, and told them that Justin Bieber’s goldfish was in the West Wing and desperately needed protection. I’m pretty positive that I even assured them that Justin would personally thank each and every one of them. (dirty little liar that I am) So they all rushed off and defended the West Wing (which, oddly enough, had a goldfish in it), and we were saved, even though every other castle wall was completely obliterated. And then Justin Bieber stepped out of the rubble (in a totally creepy way) and personally thanked each and every one of them. Okay, so I didn’t lie? I think he thanked me and I tried to give him the cold shoulder, but I don’t know if it worked, because that’s where my dream fades.

Okay, so now let’s dissect this dream.

    Firstly) I dreamed that I was defending a castle. Teenaged girls against a random hostile army that was probably utterly composed of males. This reminds me of a real situation at Bible camp. One night we played a huge game of flag football/capture the flag. Girls vs. Boys. It was my most horrible life experience, because boys are cheaters and jerks, and girls are pathetic and stupid. The girls refused to strategize, and seemed perfectly willing to rush around like idiots and get captured by boys. Meanwhile, they left me and several girls in the middle of a dark clearing with our flag. Everyone deserted except for me. So there I was, all alone, defending our flag. And sorry, but I do not tackle boys who cheat, and I do not attempt to steal flags that are tucked in inappropriate places. Especially when it would ultimately be useless and angering, anyway. So I spent most of the game being furious. It took a long time for me to get over it. (Like two years, and I’m still working on it.)
    Secondly) I dreamed that the girls didn’t care, and I dreamed that I couldn’t convince them, and I dreamed that they were dumb. I am guessing that this all symbolizes my frequent inner frustrations with girls my age.
    Thirdly) I wish I was that creative in real life. Justin Bieber’s goldfish needs protection? Sorry, but that is a stroke of pure genius. Pure and undefiled genius. 
    Fourthly) I dreamed about Justin Bieber, a fact which I find very disturbing. And shameful.
And retarded. I am hoping that this does not say anything about my soul or brain or any other part of me. Instead I am going to assume that this stems from the simple fact that I attend an all-girl youth group that talks about Justin Bieber too much. (P.S. I love my youth group girls anyway. P.P.S. I do not love Justin Bieber anyway. Or anyhow. Or at all.)
    Fifthly) Apparently I cannot lie. Does this grant me magical powers? I lie about it, and it happens? Cool. Going off on a tangent here, but today Sam was trying to mess up Ben’s theology. “Hey Ben, God can’t lie, right? So if he tells a dog that he is a pig, then the dog becomes a pig!” I guess that’s what it’s like for me now. (P.S. I am not comparing myself to God. Don’t accuse me of it in the comments. Because I’m not.) 
    Sixthly) If Justin Bieber stepped out of the rubble of a medieval castle, I would shun him. I do not have any deep explanation for this. It is simply a natural reaction.

    So. That’s how I interpret my dreams. Or at least dissect them. I apologize for the layers and layers of sarcasm and Lydia-humor. I’m in a mood today. :P

P.S. Do castles have West Wings?


New/Old Glasses

     I got new glasses yesterday. One thing that always astounds me when I get my prescription renewed is the trees. It's very weird to suddenly notice every little leaf and pine-cone outlined by itself. Wait, that tree has pine-cones? :)
     Wow, those things look huge on my face. I think that's just the perspective...

What I'm Reading...

Basil and Josephine Stories - F. Scott Fitzgerald
    This was a series of short stories by the author of The Great Gatsby. I picked it up because I had enjoyed some of his other short story collections, specifically Tales of the Jazz Age and Flappers and Philosophers. The Basil stories are apparently stories about the author when he was young. I’m not sure who the Josephine stories are about. At first I was under the impression that the Josephine stories were about his wife, and that the two stories intersected at the end of the book. I’m not sure where that idea came from, maybe I misread the introduction? Anyway, the stories didn’t intersect in anything except theme.
    I halfway enjoyed the Basil stories, which were the main part of the collection. Basil had a really annoying personality, and he was a prig and a wimp. But it was interesting to see things from a Basil viewpoint for a while, especially since he represented the author. 
    But Josephine? Ugh, she was a horrid beastly creature. She was selfish and immoral, and all she thought about was men. In the course of five short stories she caused fifty different scandals, and “fell in love with” three hundred different men. Not quite, but close. In the end, she found her true love, but love didn’t mean anything to her, and she had nothing to give him. Yay, nice little moral. :-/ I was glad to be done with Josephine.

Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy
    Yellow Star is based on a true story about a Jewish girl who survived life in a Polish ghetto during World War II. It was very short and simple, but well-written. The writing style was slightly odd and abnormal, sort of resembling poetry. It reminded me of another book, Out of the Dust, which was written similarly. It also reminded me of Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli, which is one of my absolute favorite books about World War II.

Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle
    Many Waters is a book from the Wrinkle in Time Series. I would describe it as a science
fiction/time travel book, with odd bits of prehistoric and Biblical history thrown in. You can read my review on it here.

Funerals are Fatal by Agatha Christie
    Every once in a while I read an Agatha Christie mystery. The plots and characters of each mystery eventually blur in my mind, but they’re quite fascinating when I’m reading them. I was annoyed at this one, because (once again) it the murderer was the character I had failed to consider. I’m horrible at guessing murderers. :-/

Lady Catherine’s Necklace by Joan Aiken
    Lady Catherine’s Necklace belongs to a genre of Jane Austen sequels, and is a story about the haughty Lady Catherine de Bourgh from Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed it, but in the end it didn’t make as much sense as it should have. Not only that, I think the author transplanted some ideas and mannerisms into her heroines that were far too modern for Jane Austen characters. There were six characters (that I can think of) that came directly from Pride and Prejudice, including Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Anne de Bourgh, Colonel FitzWilliam, Mr. Collins and his wife (previously Charlotte Lucas), and her sister Maria Lucas. In the end I felt that, of all the characters, Mr. Collins and Charlotte (Lucas) Collins were the only characters that were entirely “true” to their personalities in Pride and Prejudice. For those wondering, no Mr. Darcy or Elisabeth (Bennet) Darcy appeared, although they were occasionally mentioned by the disgruntled Lady de Bourgh.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
    This book is simply huge. (870 pages) I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the previous books in the series. Harry was unhappy about everything for the whole entire book, and it got a little old. Dolores Umbridge drove me nuts, but I think that was the point, seeing as she was a sort of level two villain. Having said that, it was still worth reading 870 pages, and it gets at least four stars.

Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank
    Alas, Babylon was published in 1959, and is both a “what might have happened” and a “what could happen” sort of book. In the story, Russia lets loose nuclear bombs and missiles, nearly wiping the United States off the face of the earth. Only small pockets of survivors are left, including the small town of Fort Repose, Florida. Alas, Babylon follows the citizens of Fort Repose in their struggle for survival, and particularly concerns Randy Bragg, his sister-in-law, her children, and their neighbors. Throughout the story, they have to make do without refrigeration, running water, or gasoline, and they fight highwaymen, thieves, and epidemics. By the end of the book I felt like I had actually lived in it. I was slightly dazed when I finished up, and I halfway wondered if we still had running water, electricity, and gasoline.

What I’m reading now......

The Magic Garden by Gene Stratton-Porter
    I’m not sure that I’m going to finish this. It’s what I call “horrid old-fashioned” vs. “lovely old-fashioned” If I do finish it, I might explain myself and write about the difference between horrid and lovely old-fashioned books. 

Eragon by Christopher Paolini
    I’ve kind of been “currently reading” this book for a looong time. It seems like it could be good, but I just haven’t got far enough into it to gain enough momentum to finish.

The Great Omission by Steve Saint 
     The Great Omission is a book about missions by Steve Saint, son of Nate Saint.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
    Ah, I really want to read this. I’m putting it on my school schedule, and I’m going to read a chapter or two every day. I just read Chapter One a few hours ago. Did you know that David Copperfield was Dickens “favorite child”? I’m hoping I can get enough discipline and momentum to read it.


When we were little...

~We danced around the living room to John Phillip Sousa on our ancient record player ~

~We didn't know any bad words, so our best insults came from the Bible. Sam once deeply insulted me by calling me a "holy generation" ~

~We had indignant arguments about which mystery series was the best. Sam was for The Boxcar Children, but I supported The Happy Hollisters~

~We didn't worry much about "boy" or "girl" toys. He played with my dolls (he was their uncle), and I played with his Thomas trains~

~We loooved stuffed animals. Our two most frequent stuffed animal scenarios were "fairs" and weddings. "Fairs" consisted of large messes and plastic cups strung up across the ceiling with yarn. (The cups were the "rides") We also built stuffed-animal elevators for the bunk-bed~

~We told each other our dreams, but usually we told our dreams before we went to sleep. So it was more like "Tonight I'm going to dream that..."~

~ We used to switch favorite colors every day~

~ We frequently had huge pet tortoises living in our backyard~

~We loved to play "ghost-in-the-graveyard" at night with our aunts and uncles~

~We chased fireflies on Grandma's front lawn, and put them in jars with holes punched in the lids~

~We both cried the time it rained on the 4th of July and there weren't any fireworks~

~We were always guaranteed a piggy-back ride from our aunts and uncles~

~We liked to pretend that we were kittens. Grandma Morris would pour milk into little dishes for us, and we'd put them on the floor and lap them up with our tongues~

~We didn't believe Mom and Dad when they said that we were going to have a new baby. I think we thought they were joking~

~We had the same food preferences. We hated the same things, and we loved the same things. I think our only major point of disagreement was tomatoes~