First Day

     Today Sam and I had our first day of classes for this semester. It went fine except for one thing... there weren't any classes. :-/ Dad drove us, because he had some stuff to do on the main campus. (he teaches aviation mechanics at the community college.) Sam and I went to Mr. Hay's office first, and got our piano lessons figured out, and then I wandered around aimlessly while Sam had his lesson. I found our other classrooms, and fiddled with my watch. I also checked out some books at the teeny-tiny library, and read a National Geographic article about twins. Fun, fun. We sat in our algebra classroom for ten minutes, until the dean of Arts and Sciences came in and informed us that our teacher was sick. So we signed a sheet of paper to make sure they didn't list us as "no-shows" and then we headed to the library. Turns out the classroom for Composition II is in the library, and as soon as we walked in, we saw the yellow "class cancelled" paper on the door. Argh. I can't believe both classes were cancelled. On the first day! Soo.. we e-mailed Mom, and asked her to pick us up. Sam went to the piano practice room, and ten minutes later I found Dad in the hallway. He was just leaving, and offered to take us home, but when he called the house, Mom had already left. She got there quick. =) We did some work on our internet classes at home, but there's not much work to do. What a bummer of a first day, right?  *Sigh*

     This is my new/old watch. Dad bought it for 85 cents (?) at a thrift store, and bought a battery for it. I really, really love it, but it's kind of been giving us fits. We got it fixed so that it will let me set it, but sometimes it randomly decides to set itself. So sometimes I look down and see the minute hand racing round and round. Dad thinks maybe we can disable the set button, so we'll see what happens. I hope we can get all the kinks worked out. =)

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