Vintage Suitcase Treasure

     This is what I spent fifteen dollars on at the flea-market yesterday. One vintage suitcase, and about fifty vintage patterns. ^_^  I'm happy. To tell the truth, I didn't need these, because I already have some patterns that I bought for ten cents each. But I couldn't resist them. Maybe because they came in a suitcase, I don't know. Of course, there is a little problem when it comes to money. I... er... don't have fifteen dollars. So I'm going to help Mom paint her kitchen cupboards, in exchange for paying off my debt. Lol!
     I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with all these lovely patterns. I have two ideas off of Pinterest. One involves framing them and hanging them on my wall, and I've been wanting to do it forever.
     Some of these strike me as very Nancy Drew. Especially the ones in the green dresses. I really like the pattern in the middle. I think it's one for the wall. =)
     There's also quite a few little girl patterns.. and one for little boys! I also have one pattern for men, so I could make a little family. =)


  1. OR! You could possibly use the patters for their original use!?!?! hehehe, I love the idea of framing the pix tho! So cute, now I am on the hunt for some! lolz.
    Seriously tho...You should make me a dress, haha xD

  2. ps, anther thing I would do, is draw from them, lol =) specially when I am bored! ;)

  3. I love old suitcases...I have an ancient on that my grandmother gave me. Oh...your etsy shop is so cute...love the hankerchief necklace

  4. Nonii, if I found one that was just perfect, and the right size I might attempt making it. It would be a little scary though, because I don't feel completely confident with sewing. (other than straight seams. ;)
    Alyssa, thanks so much! =) I've realized that I've already started a collection of suitcases.. on accident. Lol. :)

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