Tagged Quiz

     Dream Sailor did a tagged quiz a while ago, and tagged me. It was actually quite a while ago. But better late than never, I guess...

11 questions to answer...

1.What would you do if you knew you could not fail? I would be me. I suppose I'll never fail at that... but I would be the most amazing me that's possible. 2. If you had an opportunity to go to Haiti with a charity organization, would you? Depends on the circumstances, but most likely, yes. 
3. You're in a situation where you know doing the right thing will get you in trouble (with the law, your family, friends, your school, ect.) what do you do?
Proceed cautiously with doing the right thing. 
4. What do you want to change in the world?
Well... there could be a million answers to that. Honestly, I think I would change "Christian" behavior. The world would definitely change if Christians poured out unconditional love instead of tradition, cliches, and criticism.  5. Favorite species of owl? Maybe the Great-horned Owl? There's some smaller species that are really cool, too. 6. What would you rather eat, if you absolutely HAD to: a crayon or a camera card? Definitely a crayon. If the rules permitted, I would melt it down and mix it into some other type of food. Except wait... crayons aren't food. *Correction* I would melt it down and mix it into some type of food. =)
7. You see a see a ten dollar bill on the floor in a check-out lane, it may or may not belong to the person in front of you. What do you do?
Probably weird them out and embarrass myself by asking if it's theirs. 8. Who do you like better, Darth Vader or Ken (Barbie's obnoxious boyfriend)? I'm not very fond of either of them. Probably Darth Vader, although Ken was very amusing in  Toy Story 3. 9. You break something in a pottery store. Now what do you do? Some stores have different policies, so I would ask them if I needed to buy it. If they said 'yes', I would steal Nonii's idea, and take it home and glue it back together. Or I would smash it up even further, and make a mosaic.
10. What would you do if you woke up and found yourself in the 'cat room' of an animal shelter?
Hope it's a dream, and go back to sleep.
11. What is your opinion of the Sesame Street character Elmo? Sorry Elmo, the Muppets are better. 

11 random things about myself... 

1. I dislike ketchup and mustard
2. I have three brothers and zero sisters, eight uncles and four aunts, two boy cousins and zero girl cousins. Boys kind of rule in my family.
3. I am excessively fond of thrift stores, and any other store where I can buy books and vintage stuffs. 

4. I love and hate being a teenager. I love growing up and becoming me. I hate how much drama most teens create. 
5. I've lived in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Pennsylvania, and even the Bahamas (This, however, I sadly do not remember.)
6. I have a lot in common with my Grandma W.  =)
7. When I go to the library, I pick books out of the children's section, the young adult section, and the adult section. 
8. My worst fault is laziness, and I hate cleaning my room.
9. My parents are heroes. For realz. Not making it up.
10. I looove shrimp! And bacon. And cheddar cheese.
11. If I had the chance, I would travel just about anywhere. Europe, Africa, South America. Maybe even Antartica. =) 

So, according to the rules I'm supposed to tag eleven people. But that's an impossibility. So... I'm cheating. However, if you absolutely want to, you can answer the eleven questions that the rules require me to write. ;)

1. What is the most magical thing that has happened to you?
2. What do you consider your worst fault?
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
4. What's your favorite old television show? (must be black-and-white) 
5. Do you turn red when your embarassed? 
6. Would you rather be attacked by a hippo or a rhino?
7. Have you ever been to another country/countries? Which ones?
8. What's your favorite dog breed? 
9. Do you like deviled eggs or potato salad better?
10. What is one song you absolutely hate?
11. Have you ever read more than two books in one day? 


  1. LOL!! That's awesome!! And btw I think your answers to 10 and 11 are hilarious!! :D

  2. I love thrift stores. Pure and simple. :) My mom and I are practically the queens of thrift shopping. Most of my clothes are very high-end name brand, bought for anywhere from 50 cents to $5.00. :)

    So...I suppose this is my cyber-hello, as I am your newest follower. :)


  3. Hahaha, great answers! :-)
    I didn't make up any questions when I did mine, because I forgot O.o
    But, I like your questions you asked, and some other bloggers who did the same, so I think I'll answer them sometime this week!! :-)

    I think I would like your Gramma W. if I got to know her better ;)

  4. Thanks! Haha, the Muppets really are better than Elmo. Hello to Keaghan! =) Thanks for the follow and comment. Finding name-brand clothing at thrift stores makes my day. :D

  5. Ahhh, finally commenting. LOVED your answers to these. Especially #4 SO true. Totally agree.