Pinterest Challenge Week #4

      Well. Once again I procrastinated until Saturday evening. Are you noticing a pattern here? This time I made food. To be specific, fried cheese balls! Yumm. =) Of course, there is absolutely no way that I could fry food without Dad also being seized with an irresistible desire to fry food. So, for supper tonight, we had fried cheese, crab rangoon, and fried poblano peppers. It was really good. It was interesting though, because our kitchen is currently being remodeled. So yes. The process was interesting.
     Aunt Carolyn is visiting for the weekend. Last night we stayed up till midnight waiting for her. We slept in (sort of) and then we had tea and cocoa and leftover stromboli for breakfast. We drove a couple of hours to Crowley's Ridge (the nearest hills) and went on a little hike. On the way home, we stopped in a flea-market, and I bought something reallly cool, but you have to wait until tomorrow to see it. =)

 P.S. Almost forgot this part. This project was inspired by this pin from this website. I kind of followed the recipe, but I substituted cheap ingredients for the specialty cheese and breadcrumbs. :)


  1. LOL! You always make me so hungry talking about all the amazing food you guys eat!!!! Grrrr... ;)

  2. Oh wow..that looks SOO good! When I come to visit I think we need to make those!!!