Pinterest Challenge Week #3

     I almost missed the challenge this week, due to procrastination. I also had to switch projects, because after I procrastinated, I picked a project that took waaay too much time. Consequently, it will probably be next week's project.
     Anyway, I came close to doing nothing. Which would have been a tragic decision. Instead I chose to rescue myself with an easy little project. A felt hedgehog pincushion! :) At first I felt like it was a wimping out project, but he turned out so super adorable, that I now feel my self-rescue was both successful and non-wimpy. :)

      Isn't he cute? His name is Poky, and he was inspired by this pin from a post on this blog. There's a nice little pattern and tutorial to go with!

      He has a funny, droopy sort of nose. One thing I hate is the fact that I always finish my projects at night. So my pictures turn out rather bad. :-/  Well, maybe I will take better ones tomorrow. =)

     This is the original project from janeavion.blogspot.com. I think hers was smaller than mine, and thus somewhat cuter. I particularly love the big eyes on hers. I like mine in two colors though...

P.S. Today I took better pictures and edited this post... (Jan. 22)


  1. LOVE your new blog header!!! Totally adorable, while still kool ;)
    Awe,that little guy is cute.
    I like the picture of the pinterest one, because the background is the same paper towels that my mom buys! :D
    I like the feet on your little guy. Cutecute.

  2. Thank you! We shall see if I keep it :)
    Heehee! I know I noticed the paper-towel background too!