Pinterest Challenge Week #2

     Week number two! Yay! =)
     For week number two I made bows. Lots of them! (Inspired by this pin from this website) First I made this green and red plaid bow to match my cardigan. I like to think that I worked a little harder than the lady in the tutorial did, because I sewed mine carefully and turned it inside out, and all that. Truthfully though, that was a symptom of laziness. I didn't want to change the white thread in the sewing machine, so I just decided to hide my stitches. =)
     I also made a grey bow with a pink and black floral pattern. I didn't want to waste a whole lot of chain (that stuff is expensive) so I'm planning on just switching the bows out. I've become a whiz at bending jump rings with my little pliers. Lol!

Heehee. Funny picture. :p
     I was going to make a red and white striped one too, but both attempts were the wrong size, so they turned into bobby pins.
     I ran out of thread, so my next creations were felt. Super easy. I could make felt bows when I was seven. :) This one kind of reminds me of a circus tent.
     And this is a bad picture of all of my creations. Oops.. except for the hair bow. It was a really big, fat hair bow too. =) Ah well.. next time perhaps.
     (The original pin. You can find more pictures and a tutorial at Campfire Chic.)

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