Pinterest Challenge: Week #1

     Time for the first Pinterest Challenge post! Turns out my first project was actually something to eat... rainbow cake! I've been wanting to make one of these for a while, and I found an easy recipe through this pin, which came from tastykitchen.com.

     To make this cake, you only need two white cake mixes, and lots of food coloring. It's best to use food coloring that's made for cake decorating, so the colors turn out nice and bright. (Oh, and the frosting takes a LOT of cream cheese!)

I got my food-coloring for Christmas from my Aunt Shayna...
     Mixing the batter was sooo much fun, because it was so colorful and beautiful. In fact, everything went perfectly until I started baking the layers. And.... I forgot to grease the pans. :-/  When I flipped them over, this is what happened to my lovely cake layers...

      Then... because I am a pro at this type of mistake, I did it again! I forgot to grease the pans for the second time! Tragic. The red layer came out okay, but all the rest didn't. So half of the cake was in crumbs. Yep. It was kind of demoralizing.
     I had another go at it the next day, and yes, I remembered to grease the pan. Lol!

Beautiful, isn't it? =)
     After that, it was a matter of frosting one layer, chilling it for an hour, frosting the next one, and so on. By the time I was done, it was two days after I started. So.. it's an easy recipe, but it's.. um.. very time-consuming.
     Fortunately, the results were spectacular. =) Our friends the Yosts came over for the evening, and we all had very large pieces of cake. (Even the smallest pieces are six inches tall!) Would I make this again? Yes! Especially if I wanted a spectacular and colorful dessert... =) But hopefully it would be less of an adventure next time.
cutting the cake
     Well... I'm off to watch Shrek 3 with the boys. Lol! I will see you around  =)
     (The original pin and recipe) <3


  1. YUUMY!! That looks wonderful! I wish I wasn't on a sugar fast or I'd try making that too!

  2. OH wow! Its beautiful!!! :) Me and my Friend have been talking about how AWESOME it would be to make a Rainbow Cake for Ages!!!! So cool :)

  3. You should make one! It's an all day project, though. And that's if you don't make any mistakes... =)