My Mess (otherwise known as my bedroom).

     So. A while ago I told Nonii that I would post photos of my room. It's actually a hard promise to keep. For one thing, my room is in.. er.. the advanced stages of decorating? And for another thing (and this is the real reason) my room is always messy. Haha.
But even though it insists on getting messy, my room is really lovely (I think) so I am going to share it and the mess with you. Fortunately, today the mess is a pretty mess. It isn't always.
     This is a view of the whole room, except for the wall with the door, bookcase, and dresser. It's the least pretty picture, because you can see my shoes and books and mess on the floor. It's also the most honest picture. That armchair isn't mine, but it's living in my room while we're doing the living room floor. I really am enjoying it. I've already read five books in it, and made numerous crafts in it. I must get myself an armchair.
     This is the bookcase, sewing table, and dresser. The bookcase is stuffed full of teacups and tin cans and trinkets. Mostly books, though! Aren't they lovely? =)
     This is my workspace. And yes, that is a globe hanging from the ceiling. And an old telephone that doesn't work. Call it my decorating style if you want. That is also a can of yellow spray paint. Remember the yellow spray paint... it's important later on.

     Close-up of my bulletin board and vintage phone. The phone has a story: Last year we lived in a little tiny house in the country across the state-line. It was too tiny... which is why we moved. Anyway, there was an even tinier building next to the house, which (legend has it) used to be a beauty shop. We used it for a storage house. When we were moving, I suddenly realized that I really, really wanted the beauty shop phone! So I ripped it off the wall. It was very firmly attached. I had to use a crowbar, and it literally took hours. Even Sam and Dad had to have a go at it. But in the end, I got my phone.
     I don't knit. (yet) But those purple knitting needles are very useful for prying and jabbing things. Don't worry, I've never damaged a thing or person with them. (yet)
     Now we come to my favorite part ... the yellow bed! I consider it a great achievement of mine. =) It's what remains of an old, rusty, metal bed frame we bought at a garage sale. I industriously sanded off all the rust, and spray-painted it yellow. Actually, I wasn't very industrious. It took much longer than it ever should have, because laziness is my worst fault. But still .. I'm proud of it.
That suitcase is part of the pretty mess. I'm contemplating what kind of crafts I can do with vintage handkerchiefs and chunky old lace. :)
     I just finished spray-painting this picture frame to match the bed. And that is the lovely quilt-top gift I mentioned here.
     This is my bed-stand. It's an old crate, and as soon as Dad has time to help me, I'm making it into a bookcase. That will probably be a future blog post. And there's my owl and frog... I'm fond of them.
     This is more of the beautiful mess I mentioned. These are the contents of great-grandma's tin. You can read more about it here.

     And that's pretty much it. Show's over. =) D'you like it? =)


  1. LOVE!

    OHHH, I have that white Owl too! Is that your list of sonlight books that its on top of? I loved pretty much all those books, specially the top and bottom!
    Pretty sure the 3rd one up from the bottom is the most horrid book ever. But I might be wrong ;)
    Great post!

  2. Ah, I love your purple knitting needles. They're really thick and purple.

    Mine are thin and gold and red. You can't knit thick yarn with them as you could with the purple.
    I think I shall go knit now, thank you for putting that in my head. Haha.

    Fab room! Way more eclectic than mine... >.> the only eclectic thing I have is an encyclopedia closet.

  3. LOL! WHOA!! I LOVE YOUR ROOM!!!! IT'S SOOO AWESOME!! ;) and i love the armchair too haha

  4. Thank you everybody =)

    @Nonii: Ahh yes, the Avon owl. =) I love how the head always swivels to the front, no matter how you screw it on. And yes, those are my Sonlight books. At this point I don't *have* to read them, since I'm taking an online history class. Those are the ones I'm going to read anyway. =) "Alas Babylon" does look pretty good...

    @aquillpen: Lol! thanks. Like I said... I don't knit. But I wish I did! It's on my "must learn" list for now. =)

  5. Knitting 'tis easier than crochet when it's just a basic stitch. Warning: difficulty levels increase when one uses pencils instead of needles... o.0 Haha.