My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

     "This is the story of a five-year sojourn that I and my family made on the Greek island of Corfu. It was originally intended to be a mildly nostalgic account of the natural history of the island, but I made a grave mistake by introducing my family into the book in the first few pages. Having got themselves on paper, they then proceeded to establish themselves and invite various friends to share the chapters. It was only with the greatest difficulty, and by exercising considerable cunning, that I managed to retain a few pages here and there which I could devote exclusively to animals....."

~Quoted from My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell  

     There really isn't an adequate way to describe this book, but I've decided that it's one of the best stories ever. Perhaps if you could imagine something a little like All Creatures Great and Small, and a bit like Cheaper by the Dozen transplanted to the exotic Greek island of Corfu....
But even then, you'd still have to read it for yourself. =)

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